Lifelong Playlist

Someone’s favorite songs can say a lot about them. It gives you an insight into what kind of personality they are. Are you high energy? Mellow? Melancholy? Angry? Your music of choice says it all. So since this is a new site I thought I would share a little bit more about myself through music. I have music playing constantly in the car, in my office, in my apartment… If there isn’t music playing I am not happy. I am the girl that is constantly shazaming in bathrooms, during tv shows, in bars.. it might be embarrassing to say but i have found some of my favorite songs in bathrooms.

Anyway, I digress.. here is my list of top five favorite songs in order

1 Vienna – Billy Joel

“But then if you’re so smart tell me, why are you still so afraid?”

2 Take It Easy – The Eagles

“We may lose and we may win, though we will never be here again”

3 Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

“Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life?”

4 When I Come Around – Green Day

“You can’t go forcing something if it’s just not right”

5 Tiny Dancer – Elton John

“Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand”

You can follow more of my favorite songs on my Spotify Playlist linked below

Spotify: Lifelong Playlist


xx Casey


A Morning Newsletter for Her

Everyone has a morning routine whether you consider it one or not. For me, I usually press snooze a couple times, cuddle with my cat, and then finally get up and ready for the day. Once I am up and motivated I usually have my cup of coffee (currently pumpkin of course!), check my emails, and make my to-do list for the day.

I have to admit I am definitely not a morning person. It takes a while for me to clear my mind to get ready to tackle the day.

So in comes The Newsette. The Nesette is a daily newsletter delivered right to your email full of world, style, and celebrity news as well as articles on wellness & food and beverage. This is a perfect way to kick start my mind and get me motivated. I actually look forward to getting up and reading the new articles each morning. Who am I?

This truly is an upgrade to my morning. And their tagline is “lattes taste great with us”. Could it be any cuter?

Head over to the and click Subscribe to receive your daily newsletter and jump start your morning.


xx Casey

Pumpkin Pie Creamer

I know we are still a little less than a week out from the first day of fall, but it has been a cool 70 degrees over here in the Ocean State these days and it is getting me in the mood. In the mood for a little pumpkin spice in my life. But buying my pumpkin coffee every day is getting a little expensive. So I am here to share my recipe for some homemade Pumpkin Pie Creamer. Whether it is poured over hot or iced coffee, this creamer adds that little taste of fall I will be craving in the months to come.

Ingredients Include:  ½ cup coconut milk, Vanilla, & Pumpkin Pie Spice. Pour this mixture over iced or hot coffee and enjoy.

Oh, and can we talk about how awesome this cup is? I might be obsessed.


xx Casey

Vinyasa Playlist

Today I am sharing a kick ass Vinyasa playlist to keep you motivated throughout your whole workout. It is the perfect mix of songs to help you focus, sweat, and center your mind. Now that summer is winding down and autumn is upon us, I feel a reclaimed urge to better my body, mind, and spirit.

First things first, what is Vinyasa Yoga? Vinyasa translates to “arranging something in a special way”. Essentially, you coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next.

  1. Control – Halsey
  2. Alive – Sia
  3. Jungle – X Ambassadors
  4. Chains – Nick Jonas
  5. Gasoline – Halsey
  6. I Can Transform Ya – Chris Brown
  7. Drowning – Banks
  8. Stone Cold – Demi Lovato
  9. It’s Alright – Fractures
  10. Sweet Savasana – Dub Sutra

This playlist is the perfect balance for all stages of my workout.

What song’s are on your playlist? I would love to add a couple to my library.


xx Casey


Hello Friends! No matter if you were redirected here from my previous blog or are a brand new reader, welcome to Nine Lives.

Nine Lives is a place to collectively share inspiration, interests, and experiences. I believe life is about appreciating the beauty around you whether it be through food, drinks, music, travel, health & fitness, or what have you.

In short, the main goal is to promote happiness. Happiness comes from many places for different people, but most importantly it comes from within.

We only have one beautiful and exciting life, so in the words of one of my favorite people “Love the life you live, Live the life you love”.

xx Casey