Five Ways to Lift Your Mood

Whether you are stressed out about work, something at home, or because the world is a little crazy, everyone needs a couple of go-to mood lifters. So today I thought I would share with you a couple things that I do to turn my mood around. I hope these bring a little peace and happiness to your day as well. Have any other ideas? I would love to hear them!

1 Visit a Coffee Shop. Maybe this is because I am a coffee addict, but there is something about walking into my favorite coffee shop – the sights, the smells, the sounds – that immediately puts me in a better mood. That little pick me up is a surefire way to brighten my day.


2 Calm. I have had this app downloaded on my phone for a couple years now and it is definitely something I reach for whenever I am having an off day. If you only have a couple of minutes there are 2, 5, and 10 minute body scans to center you quickly. Have a big meeting today? Do a quick 2 minute scan to get yourself in the right head space. I am going to do a whole post on meditation one day soon, but if you haven’t tried it before this is a great way to start.

3 Peace of Mind. This one is a game changer. The Origins “on the spot relief” instantly takes away any pressure and tension. Just dab two small drops on the back of your neck, temples, and earlobes. A bottle of this sits on my desk at work and is definitely soothing on those stressful days.

4 Go For a Drive. Since the day I got my license I have been obsessed with driving. With my windows down and my music on I feel a sense of peace. I can not say the same for my passengers (hi mom), but I feel calm. I forget about everything else for a while and just focus- Focus on the road, focus on the music, focus on the destination. If there is one that is..


5 Safe & Sound – Matthew Mayfield. I can not end this list without adding in a musical favorite. Whenever I have a bad day this is the first song that I put on. When you are stressed, tired, sad, angry, what have you, who doesn’t want to feel comforted and safe. That is what this song does. This song sounds like a hug. And who doesn’t like hugs?

xx Casey


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