Borealis Coffee Company

On Saturday morning I headed over to the grand opening of Borealis Coffee Company on Bullocks Point Ave in Riverside RI. To say I was excited would be an understatement. There was a small batch coffee shop opening right in my back yard, and I no longer had to drive over the bridge for a good cup of coffee.

Borealis means “from the north” in Latin and is an homage to the founder Brian’s Alaskan roots. They are a small batch roastery and cafe which means they roast all of their coffee beans on site. They pride themselves in roasting to order, which means you are getting the best quality of coffee each and every time.


I had a simple cold brew iced coffee paired with a caramelized onion and ham turnover. It was nothing short of perfect.

For me, a great coffee shop is all about the experience and the feeling you get while you are there. Borealis had everything you could ever want in a coffee shop – beautiful minimal decor, incredible coffee, a great selection of food items, and the friendliest staff I have ever encountered. Everyone who worked there was so kind and gladly offered up their recommendations on the menu.

If the coffee isn’t enough to keep you coming back, the staff definitely will. I think Borealis is in for a long and exciting ride.



xx Casey



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