Gift Guide For Her

Hello Everyone! I am here today with a gift guide for the girl in your life. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or significant other, these gifts are sure to be a hit!

I for one would love every single one of these gifts! There is a good mix of home and entertainment themed gifts to fit everyone. However, I apologize that everything is white, copper, or marble. Clearly I have a taste…


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1 PF Candle Company. First of all this Candle Company is called Pommes Frites. Yes, they named their company after french fries. Each candle is made from local wax and oils. They have everything from candles to room sprays and diffusers. They have a bunch of different scents, but the Teakwood & Tobacco is definitely my favorite.

2 Copper Cookware.Okay, I may be a little obsessed with copper everything, but this is the perfect gift for that girl in your life that loves to cook, or that just moved into a new house/apartment and is trying to make it her own

3 Crosley Record Player. For the music lover in your life. I received a Crosley Record Player for Christmas two years ago and I am still in love with it. It is the perfect gift whether you have a vast record collection (like me!) or not.

4 Marble Phone Case. This phone case is marble and gold. It’s just cute enough to actually make me put a case on my phone.

5 Fur Blanket. Winter is coming. Give your favorite girl the gift of warmth with a faux fur blanket. Perfect for nights in cuddling and watching Game of Thrones.

Currently trying not to order all of these things for myself..

Happy Shopping! Gift Guide for the man in your life coming up next.

xx Casey


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