Holiday Entertaining Tips

It is the holiday season and that means holiday parties! Whether you are hosting family or friends, planning a get together can be stressful. For those of you that do not know I plan events as my day job, so today I am here to share with you my top Entertaining Tips to get you through the holidays.


1 Be clear on expectations. When inviting guests, make sure they know what to expect when attending your get together. If the party is starting around 5pm that is prime dinner time, so guests may expect heavier appetizers so be prepared. If the party starts a little bit later, say 7pm, lighter appetizers and dessert are acceptable. If you do not want guests to bring anything make sure they are aware and aren’t left feeling like they are overstepping.

2 Set the tone. When guests arrive to your event you want them to feel comfortable. If you greet your guests and you are noticeably frantic they will notice. Your energy sets the vibe of the party before the atmosphere does.

3 Create the mood. Once your guests are greeted by your cheerful demeanor the next thing is the atmosphere. Dim the lights, light some candles, and have some music playing to set the mood for the party. Make sure to use one or two similar scented candles and the rest unscented. You do not want the candles to be too overwhelming. Strong scents also mess with your taste buds, so if food is an important component to your party keep it light.

4 Be attentive. When guests arrive, immediately offer them a beverage. It is important to have a variety so have a couple bottles of wine, a couple cold beers in the fridge, at least one type of hard liquor, and some chilled pellegrino water on hand. This way, you are able to accommodate everyone without overdoing it.

5 Have fun. The most important tip is for you to have fun! More often than not the host spends his or her time waiting on everyone. As important as it is to be attentive to your guests needs, you do not want to be over attentive. Do not constantly worry and ask if guests need anything. This goes back to setting the tone with your energy. Your guests are there to have fun with you, so make sure you take some time to sit back and enjoy yourself. You earned it.

xx Casey



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