Wellness Goals


Yesterday we talked about Resolutions and what they mean to me. We also talked about the things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. One of these goals being “Take Care of Yourself”, and with that I have come up with a couple goals I want to set for myself to be the healthiest I can be. This is not about dieting – this is about creating a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

1 Drink more water. My goal is to drink 2,000 ML of water each day – and a full bottle before I even touch my morning coffee.

2 Wash off makeup & moisturize each night. This one is a no brainier for some, but I am the absolute worst when it comes to taking off my makeup before bed.

3 Take multivitamins & calcium supplements each day.

4 Exercise at least four times a week. I have already joined a gym and am looking forward to getting stronger.

5 Stretch every morning.

6 Brush teeth two times a day. I mean does everyone do this?

7 Cut down going out to eat. Instead of getting take-out or going to a restaurant multiple times a week I want to cut that down to two days a week.

8 Meditate four times a week. It is important to take care of your mind as well as your body.

9 Read more. And with that I would also like to get my mind working by reading more – and I don’t mean read more Elite Daily articles.

10 Go Plant Based. By this I do not mean going Vegetarian or Vegan. I just want to incorporate more plant based meals into my diet.

There you have it! Those are my ten simple wellness goals for 2017. My goal is to create an overall healthier lifestyle for my mind, body, and spirit. With that I will be sharing a ton of wellness themed posts throughout the month of January to help get you on this journey with me. What are some of your wellness goals for the new year? I would love to chat about them!

xx Casey



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