Benefits of Chamomile Tea


Since the new year began I have started cultivating a nightly routine to get myself prepared for a better nights sleep. I am going to talk more about the benefits of routines in a post later this month, but I wanted to talk a little bit more today about something I have been incorporating into my nights that has truly made a difference.

Each night for the past week I have been ending my day with a cup of chamomile tea. Now let me preface this by saying I have never been a tea fan. Tea was something I only made when I had a cold. I had never found a tea that I actually enjoyed drinking until now. I bought a box of chamomile tea and now I am hooked. I actually look forward to my nightly cup of tea. Not only does it taste great, there are a ton of great benefits to incorporating chamomile into your life.

1 One of the biggest reasons that I began drinking chamomile tea before bed is because I am a restless sleeper. It takes me a while to fall asleep and when I do I wind up tossing and turning most nights. Chamomile tea is also known as “night time tea”, and promotes a more restful nights sleep. I can definitely attest to this!

2 Chamomile is also known as a stress and anxiety reliever. It’s calming properties help sooth you and promotes emotional health and wellness.

3 It is winter time now and everyone is beginning to get sick, especially with the change of weather daily here in New England. Chamomile is known to boost your immune system and help fight colds.

4 Chamomile is great for when you have an upset stomach. The tea is known to help with nausea and ease digestive pain or discomfort.

There are so many wonderful reasons to incorporate a cup of chamomile tea into your day. You will feel better both mentally and physically completely naturally.

xx Casey


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