Apps To Stay on Track

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you but I couldn’t be happier that it’s the weekend. First of all I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself. I am beginning to come up with a healthy routine that is quickly becoming a lifestyle – not a diet. I can not stress how important that it. Diets don’t work. Restrictions don’t work. It’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel better both physically and mentally. It’s about balance you know?

To me balance includes eating a ton of vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins during the week.. and maybe a couple wings and beer on the weekend. Now that’s the kind of balance I’m talking about. But i digress.. today I am here to talk to you about a couple of awesome apps that are keeping me on track throughout the week. Some of these have seriously been game-changers, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you.


1 Lose It! This app is awesome. Lose It is a calorie counting app, but it is also so much more. It keeps track of what types of food you are eating. Each day when you are done logging the app shows you a summery of your day. Trying to eat less sodium or less sugar? This app tells you how much of these things are in the foods you are consuming daily. The other thing I love about this app? Each day when I am done logging it tells me how far away I am from my goal based on my diet that day. I know there are tons of other apps out there like My Fitness Pal and I’ve tried them all. But Lose It! definitely seems to be the most user friendly. It also syncs up to the Health app on your iPhone. This one’s a winner.


2 Calm. I’ve talked about this app in the past, but it really has done wonders for my mental health. Calm has a ton of different meditations based on what you are looking for. Need to feel a little more self love? Feeling anxious? There’s a meditation cycle on there for  you. I do a full body scan throughout the week before I go to sleep to better prepare me for the day ahead. The nice thing about this app is that there is a new “Daily Calm” meditation each day. Calm helps clear your mind which makes for a better night’s sleep. You will hear more about this when I post my nightly routine later on this month!


3 Level Money. This app is great if one of your goals is to better track your bills, savings, debt, etc. This app syncs up to your bank, calculates your monthly recurring charges and paychecks, and helps show you how much you have to save and spend for the month.


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