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I have to say that one of my favorite things about blogging is being able to connect with people all over the globe through my writing. I am meeting so many new people through this process, and I couldn’t be more excite! So I thought it was time you learned a little bit more about me. As always feel free to leave me any other questions in the comments and I would be happy to answer!

Q: Where are you from and what brought you to Rhode Island?

A: I am originally from Bergen County New Jersey. I come from an Italian family who ate pizza every Friday and pasta every Sunday, so food has always been something that has been important to me. When it was time to go to college i decided I wanted to go to culinary school and peruse my dreams of becoming a chef. Some of my family lived in Rhode Island at the time, so Johnson & Wales University in Providence seemed like the perfect fit! I began to fall in love with the city and Rhode Island as a whole, and have been here ever since!

Q: What made you start blogging?

A: I started my first blog “Creatively Casey” when I began my culinary internship my Sophomore Year of College (2011). I wanted to write about my experience as a Disney Cast Member and thought it would be helpful for others wanting to apply for the program. After I left Disney and went back to Providence for my Junior year, it turned into more of a food blog where I would share recipes and restaurant reviews. After a while I knew I wanted to branch out and expand my blog but i didn’t know how. I had a hard time coming up with topics that were me and not someone else. When I moved into my first apartment with my then boyfriend the blog turned into more of a diary of sorts. I was still posting recipes and restaurant reviews but I was also writing more about my day to day life. I was struggling with what having a “lifestyle blog” meant. When that relationship ended I started a new chapter in my life and really began to find myself and what I was passionate about. I was beginning to see the city I lived in with new eyes. Something one of my best friends told me became the building blocks for what would turn into Nine Lives and that was to “be a tourist in your own town”. I knew that my passion was sharing all of the wonderful things this state had to offer with others. I also knew that I had a strong passion for decor, food and drinks, wellness, music, and promoting happiness. And with that I knew I had finally found my niche.

Q: How old are you?

A: I am 25 years old – turning 26 March 12th!

Q: What is your day job?

A: I am the Event Manager at a hotel in Providence. This means that I detail all of the food & beverage, audio visual, and any other meeting needs for a group within the corporate, association, and sports markets. The job is exciting and ever changing, and I love every minute of it.

Q: Biggest Goal?

A: To connect more with you all and be able to make this blog my main focus in life.

Okay.. now on to the fun questions!

Q: Favorite Restaurant?

A: My favorite restaurant in Providence is Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen. I have been a couple times and each time is better than the last. I will do a whole post on it soon!

Q: Last meal – what is it?

A: Stuffed Artichoke

Q: Favorite TV Show & Movie?

A: TV Show is hard because I have two very different favorites so I am going to say both: Lost & How I Met Your Mother. Favorite movie is: The Godfather

Q: If you could meet one person alive or dead who would it be?

A: Bob Marley

Q: Biggest obsession?

A: I have two – Harry Potter & Candles

Thank you to everyone new and old who have been supporting me and this blog throughout the years! I look forward to more exciting things ahead. Until tomorrow..

xx Casey


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