Guilty Pleasures


As January comes to an end (can you believe we are almost in February already?) so does my month of wellness themed posts. This doesn’t mean that the resolutions end here.. I am going to keep going and continuing to do the things that I spoke about throughout the month of January. I said it once I will say it again.. this is about a lifestyle change, not a diet. I mean really, what is life without letting loose every once in a while?

So today’s post is about the little things in life that we love on the down-low. Those guilty pleasures that you indulge in when you want to shut off and #treatyoself.

01 Flamin Hot Cheetos. Guys… I am obsessed with Flamin Hot Cheetos. Those neon red spicy little nuggets are pure gold. When I want a cheat snack while watching football or a movie these are my go-to.

02 Reality TV. I am a reality TV lover. Vanderpump Rules, Dance Moms, The Bachelor, Are You The One?, The Challenge.. I love it all. When I get home from work I want to shut off my brain and watch something that isn’t going to make me think. Sometimes you need a little mindless tv to get your mind OFF things.

Oh, and for you fellow Bachelor watchers I am totally #teamdolphinshark

03 Sparkling Water. Okay this might not be unhealthy but it is definitely unhealthy for my bank account. Those La Croix add up after a while, but man do I love me some Coconut La Croix water.

What are your guilty pleasures?

xx Casey


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