January Bullet Journal

Can you guys believe that January is over already? I know we say this every month, but this month really did fly by. I loved sharing with you all of my wellness tips and inside looks into my life throughout the past couple weeks. In February I have some great coffee shop and restaurant spotlights, travel guides, and recipes to share with you as well as some more peeks into my life and things I love.

But before we get into all that good stuff let’s take a look back at January. This past month I decided I wanted to try Bullet Journaling. I have always loved planners and calendars (I am a sucker for office supplies) but I have never really utilized them for day to day planning other than at work. They didn’t give me the flexibility to track and plan things that were important to me. So when I first read about the concept of Bullet Journals I was intrigued. It was legitimately an open canvas – the book is blank except for the pages and pages of little dots. The world was my oyster… and I didn’t know where to begin.

So I started looking up some ideas, following bullet journal instagrammers (yes, it’s a thing!), and read about the system. You can read about Bullet Journaling from the man who came up with the concept Here. From there I decided what would work for me and what didn’t. I began planning my journal, got out my beautiful new Master Caligraphy pens and started writing. This first month was definitely a learning process. I realized I did not utilize the daily planning pages as much as some of the other pages, so I think I will be eliminating those in future months. Some things I think I will be adding for February are a Savings Tracker for my money, TV Show Tracker, and a Monthly Tasks page. I might add a page dedicated to keeping track of my posting schedule here on Nine Lives as well.

Here is the Index for my Bullet Journal So Far:

Opening Quote

Monthly Calendar

2017 Bucket List

2017 Accomplishments: Books I’ve Read

2017 Accomplishments: Movies I’ve Seen in Theaters

Month Overview: January

Daily Planning Pages: January

Health Tracker: January

Water Tracker: January

January Reflections: January






I am looking forward to beginning my February pages tonight and learning more about what works for me- and getting a little more creative as well. Bullet Journaling is a wonderful creative outlet that also keeps you on track for the month. It really is the best of both worlds. Can’t wait to share my February pages with you next month! Know any good Bullet Journal blogs? I could use a little more inspiration.

xx Casey


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