Felicia’s Coffee, East Greenwich


Hello Friends! I am back again with another coffee shop recommendation because as we all know by now, coffee shops are my thing. Lucky for me Rhode Island is full of incredible ones, and today I am here to talk about one of my all time favorites. Felicia’s is located in East Greenwich and was a staple for me when I lived there for a year. But living in Providence now has not stopped me from driving the 20 minutes to get a cup of coffee. Go ahead, call me crazy.

Felicia’s is truly everything you could ever want in a coffee shop.  First off the coffee is incredible. Each time I go I always order the Iced Flavor of the day is. This varies by day and they always have a flavor of the day for Decaf, Regular, Iced, and Hot coffee options. They also have incredible baked goods (try one of their muffins!), pastries, bagels, and my favorite.. the homemade cream cheeses. They have a ton to choose from but I am partial to the garlic & herb. Jalapeno is a close second. Get that on a toasted poppy seed or everything bagel and I am golden.

Besides their incredible coffee & food items, the atmosphere at Felicia’s is second to none. They have plenty of tables for everyone, both inside and outside, as well as some soft seating near the fireplace. Still need a place to sit? They have some seating options at the counter as well. Throughout the day there are people gathering to chat, work, and read in Felicia’s comfortable setting. I love going there to work on upcoming blog posts, write in my bullet journal, and just relax outside of the house.

If you haven’t been to Felicia’s yet you are missing out. And I know how you Rhode Islanders are.. do not be intimidated by the drive. Every sip of that coffee will be worth it.

xx Casey


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