Friday I’m In Love…


It may be February already, but let’s take a look back at some of the things I was loving in the month of January shall we?

01 Harvest Snaps Green Pea’s. The Caesar flavor to be exact. I am in love with these things, and they are my go-to snack when I am dying for some chips or dreaming about Flamin Hot Cheetos. I mean they don’t taste anything like them, but the texture is kind of the same right? Dip these guys in some hummus and you have my favorite 3pm snack.

02 Riverdale. We are only one episode in and I am already hooked. I was in love with the Archie Comic Books when I was younger (team Betty!), and although the show is nothing like the comics I love seeing my favorite characters come to life. I can not wait to go home and watch last nights episode.

03 Betches. Bachelor reviews to be exact. Every week they do a re-cap of the previous episode, and honestly it is more entertaining than the actual episode. They also do some awesome Vanderpump, Summer House, and Are You The One? recaps as well.

04 Arnold Multigrain Pita Pockets. Okay.. these things are LIFE. 1/2 of a pita pocket is 50 calories, they hold up well in the toaster, and are filling without being too heavy. Every morning before work I scramble up an egg, slice some tomatoes, put it in the pita pocket, and am ready to conquer the day. I also use these as the bun for my veggie burgers at night as well. Killer.

05 Lush. This month I have been loving baths (I talked about this in detail in my Sunday Night Routine). I fell off the Lush wagon for quite a bit but thanks to my mother and Christmas I am officially back on! Nothing better than a bubbly bath melt that leaves your skin feeling soft and you feeling relaxed.

We are three days into February and I am already racking up the favorites for next month..

xx Casey


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