PVD Donuts, Providence


Happy Monday after the Superbowl everyone! How ya feeling? Tired? Yeah me too. I may or may not have hit the snooze button a minimum of 10 times this morning. And it’s not like I can even ride the adrenaline of an exciting game because well.. it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted. But I digress. Today I am talking about something we can all agree on. Donuts.

PVD Donuts was one of the first specialty donut shops to pop up in Providence. At first they were pumping out donuts from the Sin bakery kitchen, but have since moved to their own location on Ives Street. They have been open for a couple of months now but hungry people still line up down the street for a sweet treat. Oh, and a Nitro Cold Brew of course from the incredibly delicious Nitro Cart.

I arrived at PVD around noon, and although there wasn’t much of a line there were about three types of donuts left. I had been dying to try the Rosewater and Pistachio donut however they were sold out. Instead, I went for the Lemon Grapefruit glazed donut. My boyfriend also got some jelly munchkins with a lemon liquor pipette. As sad as I was that I did not get to try the Rosewater donut, these donuts did not disappoint. The lemon/grapefruit glaze was refreshing and the poppy seeds baked into the donut gave it a nice texture.

Now the one thing I need to point out about these donuts is the texture. If you are looking for a fluffy and airy donut this is not the place for you. These donuts are dense, almost like a cake donut. They are heavy and will keep you full all morning long.



Definitely give PVD Donuts a try the next time you are on the East Side.

xx Casey


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