Honey, Google Chrome Extension

Good Morning friends and Happy Thursday! Or should I say happy snow day for many of you? Working at a hotel has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One being that it never closes, so no snow days for me. But that’s okay because the morning commute was on point this morning. Let’s just see how the drive home is..

Anyway, today I am here to talk to you about something AMAZING and life changing I discovered – and just in time for that Valentines Day shopping! It is called Honey, and is a Google Chrome Extension that links up to your search bar. Honey searches the internet for discount codes, free shipping deals, and promotions that you can apply to purchases as you shop online. Before you check out, press the little Honey button and the deals will be automatically added to your cart. This was a total lifesaver during Christmas time let me tell ya.


You can download Honey Here at the Chrome web store. Happy Shopping!

xx Casey


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