Knead Donuts, Providence

Hello my name is Casey and I have a problem. A big, sweet, fluffy, delicious, problem. I am addicted to donuts. Yes this is my second donut post in two weeks but hey, I am not ashamed. My weekend “treat yoself” attitude is definitely to blame.

Today I am here to talk about some of the fluffiest donuts I have ever had. Knead Donuts is located on Custom House Street in the Financial District of Providence. I have to note..does the parking suck over there? Absolutely. But do not let that deter you.These donuts are worth it. And if you are one of the lucky ones that live Downtown, they deliver. How awesome is that?


After eyeing their Instagram for a while, I knew I was going into Knead for two specific things: A Brioche donut and a Popover. I had seen pictures of these delicious little popovers online and knew I had to try one for myself.




Knead’s style is very minimal with wooden counter tops and sleek wooden tables & chairs. My favorite element is the beautifully tiled floors that spell out Knead as you walk in. A warm welcome almost as sweet as the treats inside.

Looking at these pictures is making it really hard to commit to staying on track this week. For now, I will live vicariously through their Instagram feed until the weekend.

xx Casey


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