Book Club: “I Didn’t Come to Make Friends”

How many of you are fans of the Bachelor? I have been a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan since 2010. So yes I did miss about 10 seasons of the show but I started my love for the Bachelor with Jake’s season and the drama that was his and Vienna’s relationship. From there I watched almost every Bachelorette season (other than Andi’s and Kaitlyn’s… so I guess that’s why I had no idea who Nick Viall was until Bachelor in Paradise). Which brings me to this season, which has turned into an even bigger mistake than Juan Pablo was. Nick Viall has no personality, and unfortunately most of the girls don’t have much to bring to the table either (other than my girl dolphin/shark #missyou). I stopped watching about two episodes ago because I just could not take two hours a week of this anymore. However I am living for meeting Raquel during the hometown dates… I may have to start watching again just for that.

But I digress… this post is not about this season of the Bachelor. This is about a past Bachelor and a past contestant/winner that was hated almost as much as Nick.That is until I read her book..


Courtney Robertson was the villain and winner on Ben Flajnik’s season. Everyone loved to hate her and was shocked when she took home the final rose. Things however didn’t pan out so great for Courtney and Ben’s relationship and they soon called it off. Courtney then wrote a tell-all book about how much of an asshole Ben was to her and I instantly started to like the girl. The book is well written, has tons of personality, and will keep you engaged.

I loved every minute of Courtney’s book “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends..” She totally redeemed her villain persona. And Ben… well now he is hanging out with Kris Jenner/Kardashian, so there’s that.

If you are a Bachelor fan you are going to love this book! Not only is it about their relationship, but an inside look into what it is like to audition and live through filming the show.Definitely worth the read!

xx Casey


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