5 Habits of Successful People


How do you define success? Do you define it by money and possessions? By awards and promotions? By the number of Instagram followers you have? Or is it by the amount of happiness the life you live brings you? For me I think to myself – Am I happy doing what I am doing? Am I able to make a living? Am I doing good things? If the answer is yes to all three of those questions, then in my eyes I have achieved success.

So there are a couple different habits that when I do them I feel like I am on the path to achieving success. Or what I believe to be success that is. So I thought I would share them with you today on this absolutely BEAUTIFUL Friday.

01 Establish a Routine. I have spoken about my nightly routine on the blog already, and touched upon how this routine really gears me up for success the next day. Stay tuned because I will be sharing my morning routine with you soon!

02 Make a To-Do list, but limit it to 7 things. I started doing this a couple months back after reading a blog post on The Skinny Confidential where Lauren spoke about time management and to-do lists.

03 In that same article, Lauren spoke about the benefits of time blocking and keeping work sessions to 30 minute increments. It sounds strange at first, but it really has helped me with my productivity in all aspects of my life.

04 Write down 1 sentence about the day. This is something that I am going to begin incorporating into my March bullet journal. By reflecting on the day and writing down one thing – whether it be something that you are thankful for that day, an event that took place, a quote that symbolizes how you are feeling – you are ending the day in a positive way. If it was a bad day, you are writing down the thing that made you feel that way and then shutting the book on it. It is a great way to move forward.

05 Go to Bed Early & Wake up at the Same Time Every Day.  This one was hard for me for a while because I always took advantage of sleeping in super late on the weekends. The bad thing about that is it completely throws off your internal clock. Not only that, but by sleeping in late you are wasting valuable weekend fun time.

How do you define success, and what are the daily habits that you use to achieve it?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xx Casey


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