February Bullet Journal

Hi Everyone! Can you believe we are done with February already? One step closer to summer my friends. Today I am sharing my February Bullet Journal pages with you. This is only month two of my bullet journaling journey, and I have definitely learned even more about what pages worked for me and what didn’t. I am already excited about filling out my March pages tomorrow, and adding a couple new ideas into the mix.

But for now let’s take a look back at the past month. As you know my Index still includes my 2017 Monthly Calendar where I share my favorite moment from that month, my 2017 Bucket List, and the Books I’ve Read & Movies I’ve Seen in Theaters pages.

For February I added:

Monthly Quote


Month Overview: February

(I got rid of the daily planning pages)

Monthly Tasks



Health Tracker: February

Water Tracker: February



Nine Lives Post Tracker

Social Media Tracker



TV Show Tracker

New Music Tracker



New Discoveries

Relaxation Log

February Gratitude Page (not pictured)


I have been loving planning my monthly pages in my Bullet Journal. It really is relaxing and one of my favorite parts of my nightly routine (even though as you can clearly see on the Relaxation Log it isn’t as full as I would have liked). Now I have to admit I definitely miss a couple days in the week sometimes and I am still getting the hang of it, but it is definitely something I have been enjoying.

Hope this post helped inspire you a little bit. Do you post your Bullet Journal pages on your blog each month? Leave them below in the comments, I would love to see them!

xx Casey


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