Friday I’m In Love…

It's Friday I'm In Love

Another month has come and gone my friends and we all know what that means.. monthly favorites time. Let’s do this.

01 POLAR. SELTZER. Grapefruit Polar Seltzer was my first favorite of the month last month I know… But Guys. This past month I have been lowkey OBSESSED with Seltzer. I have about three cans a day – two at work and one in the evening, and I literally can not get enough. Grapefruit is still my number one, but the Cranberry Lime is coming in at a close second. Stay tuned for next month when this is my number one favorite again.

02 Vanilla. This month I have been continually obsessed with anything vanilla scented. Walk by my office and it smells like a room full of cookies. You are welcome.

03 Summer House. From the creators of the best reality TV show ever, Vanderpump Rules, comes Summer House – a group of New Yorkers spending their summer weekends drunk on Rose 99% of the time. The season just ended, so head over to the Bravo App and binge watch it and pretend summer is here.

04 My Crock Pot. This past month I have been meal prepping in my crock pot on Sunday and eating it for dinner during the week. This really has been a lifesaver. There is minimal cleanup, hardly any work, and saves so much time.

05 Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness new album Zombies on Broadway. If you know me you know I have loved Andrew’s music since the time he was in Something Corporate. Jack’s Mannequin’s music carried me through every big moment in my life, and now The Wilderness is killing the game some more. This album is so unique to anything Andrew has done before. I am sure you have heard the single “Fire Escape” and if you haven’t what are you even doing with your life? Check out my other favorites “Island Radio” and “So Close”.

There you have it – my March Favorites. Can not wait for next months Spring Favorites post which will most definitely include Polar Seltzer and probably anything vanilla scented. Vanilla flavored Seltzer? Just maybe…

xx Casey


The Truth About Bullet Journaling

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Good Morning Friends! So we are officially winding down March and heading into a new month. How crazy is that? This is the time when I would usually share with you my Bullet Journal for the past month. That is what I had planned. That is what I prepped for when the month began. But then… it never happened. I never wrote in it again. I did not log my water, I did not log my days. I did none of it. And that is when I realized this might not be the thing for me.

The concept of Bullet Journaling was so cool to me. I would spend time scrolling through other peoples pages impressed by their creativity. But then I realized that this wasn’t the type of creativity that worked for me. I am more of a free spirit. I always have been. I have a creative mind that is always racing and always in a million places at once. So that structure of logging things each day became more of a chore and less of an outlet for me. So I decided to scrap it. I decided to ditch the logs and use my Bullet Journal as more of a… journal. To just write exactly how I am feeling when I am feeling it. To write my daily intentions without having to “log” them. To feel free and less like an experiment.

One of my favorite quotes is “What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” Everyone is creative in a different way, and what you feel and think is what you become. Bullet Journaling wasn’t very freeing to me, so I will be ending this series on my blog. Thank you for following along! And I will still be reading  your Bullet Journaling posts because even though it did not work for me I am still pretty damn fascinated by it!

xx Casey

Book Club: “White Girl Problems”


When I read a book I gravitate towards something that is going to give me a good laugh and a little escape from the stress of everyday life. As you can tell from my Book Club posts so far I don’t necessarily pick up George Orwell’s 1984 when looking for a light read. So when I found the Babe Walker Series through one of the guilty pleasure blogs that I read (ahem, totalsororitymove.comI had to download a copy. I have finished the first book in the series and am excited to start book number two – which I will totally be doing a future Book Club post on!

A little synopsis of the book – Babe Walker, center of the universe, is a painstakingly manicured white girl with an expensive smoothie habit, a proclivity for Louboutins, a mysterious mother she’s never met, and approximately 50 bajillion Twitter followers. But her “problems” have landed her in shopping rehab-that’s what happens when you spend $246,893.50 in one afternoon at Barneys. Now she’s decided to write her memoir, revealing the gut-wrenching hurdles she’s had to overcome in order to be perfect in every way, every day. Hurdles such as:

  • I hate my horse.
  • Every job I’ve ever had is the worst job I’ve ever had.
  • He’s not a doctor, a lawyer, or a prince.
  • I’ll eat anything, as long as it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, sugar-free, and organic.

This book is witty, clever, absolutely ridiculous, and definitely gave me a good laugh. If that sounds right up your alley give this one a try. Serious readers – I would give this one a pass.

Happy Reading!

xx Casey

Creating A Stress-Free Environment At Home

May you be happy, May you be at peace (1)

You come home from work and there’s piles of dishes in the sink, clothes all over the floor, the counter is a mess… how do you relax? I believe your attitude is a product of your environment and when your environment is full of chaos your mind will be chaos. So to fix this mess here are five ways to de-stress your environment and help you feel more relaxed at home.

01 Incorporate Plants. Plants release more oxygen into the air which helps you breathe easier. They are also instant mood boosters! (As long as you can keep them alive longer than I can keep plants alive)

02 Get Rid of Clutter. Each night try to make it a point to organize for 30 minutes. Tidying up for just a couple minutes each nights helps alleviate things from piling up. This puts you in a great spot for the next day. Waking up in a clean and organized environment will instantly make you feel more relaxed!

03 Create an Area of Peace. Whether it be your bedroom or a corner of your living room, create an area of your home free of electronics where you can go and be at peace. I have a second bedroom in my apartment which I am slowly turning into a multi-purpose room where I can go and shut off from the world and relax. (I will be sharing a post about this in the upcoming months!)

04 Lay off Social Media. So I began to speak about this in number three, but I cannot tell you how clear your mind can be if you just lay off social media first thing in the morning. Now I know this is a hard one but if you just give that first hour of the morning to yourself, and not to looking at other people’s lives, you will begin your day in a much happier mindset. Instead put on some music, put on your favorite podcast, or play that audio book you have been listening to.

05 Make Your Bed. I know this one is kind of annoying and something that I do not always do myself, but making your bed first thing in the morning signifies to your brain that sleep time is over and it is time to wake up. Also, this just rounds back up to number 2 and creates a cleaner environment.

I hope these tips help start your week off right! Let me know if you have any other tips to creating a stress free environment at home. Also, I will be sharing even more tips in my Morning Routine coming up soon!

xx Casey

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DIY Lemon & Lavender Lip Scrub


It might not feel like it outside, but Spring is finally here and I am ready to kiss those winter blues away. Unfortunately the winter chill has left my lips chapped and not so soft. But I have just the thing to help with that! Today I am sharing with you a quick and easy DIY Lip Scrub Recipe!

All you need is is 1 tablespoon of raw sugar, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon essential oil, 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil, and a little bit of lemon zest to really give it that fresh flavor. Put it in a little tub and use it in the morning before putting on a moisturizing lip balm. There are so many different variations of this that you can make. I think a mint flavored lip scrub would be very refreshing!

So there you have it, and quick and easy little tip to get you ready for the warm months ahead. Hope you are all out there thinking warm thoughts.. April is coming.

xx Casey

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New Trader Joe’s Obsessions


Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places in the world. They have the COOLEST items all of the time in every section of the store. From the prepared foods section to the veggie section they have the best selections at a low price. I can do all my shopping for the week along with some specialty items for $30. I mean can you really beat that? Is it sad that I consider going to Trader Joe’s an “outing”? Sometimes if I am really looking for a good time I will drive up to Massachusetts to their Foxboro location where they have a wine and beer section. Is this what 26 is?

Anyway, I thought I would talk about some of the new things I am loving at Trader Joe’s. I might make this a thing as I discover more new items. Would you like me to make this a thing? Let’s talk about it.

01 Trader Joe’s Creamy Hummus. I have tried a bunch of their different variations (shout out to the horseradish flavor!) but I had yet to try their traditional Mediterranean hummus, and damn is it good. And so Instagram worthy.

02 Ditalini Pasta + Cheddar Cheese + Cauliflower + Kale. OH MY, this stuff is awesome. It is new and I hope it never goes away. I heated this bad boy up in the oven for dinner and I was in heaven. If you like cauliflower then you will definitely like this dish. I can not wait to have the rest of it tonight with a little grilled chicken on the side.

03 Everything Bagel Spice. Can I make this on my own? Yeah. Is it awesome that Trader Joe’s did it for me and put it in a convenient spice shaker? Yes. BRB as I sprinkle this stuff on literally everything.

04 Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls. These are perfect for the person who doesn’t really like sweets but is dieting so now all of a sudden they want all of the sweets. Only me? Oh OK. At 60 calories each you really can’t go wrong with these guys and they are delicious.

05 Chili Lime Chicken Burgers. I have been wanting to do a whole post about these guys, and maybe I still will, but there is so much you can do with these. And the flavor is ridiculous. These are something that I buy every single time I go to Trader Joe’s and just keep them in the freezer for an easy last minute meal.

You have any Trader Joe’s go-to’s that I have to try next? Let me know! I could talk with you about this place for hours. I am warning you now..

xx Casey



Coffee Shop Playlist


Happy first day of Spring everyone! It might not feel like it just yet, but this is the first step to warmer weather. But one thing it does feel like today is a Monday. I have a serious case of the Monday’s that only one thing can cure – a big ol’ cup of coffee. Or two. So today I am pretending my office is my favorite little coffee shop with a little help from Spotify to put me in the right mindset.

01 This Town – Niall Horan

02 Portland, Maine – Donovan Woods

03 Make You Feel My Love – Adele

04 XO – John Mayer

05 Flowers in Your Hair – The Lumineers

06 From Eden – Hozier

07 Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran

08 Winter Song – The Head and the Heart

09 Only Love – Ben Howard

10 Skinny Love – Bon Iver

Click HERE to listen to my full Coffee Shop Playlist and get through this Monday together.

xx Casey