Friday I’m In Love…

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I am currently writing this from one of my favorite little coffee shops sipping on some cold brew and eating deliciously fresh avocado toast. Stay tuned for some more info on this little gem next week! 

Anyway it’s the end of another month and we all know what that means.. monthly favorites time. Let’s do this. 

01 Grapefruit Polar Seltzer. To say I am obsessed with seltzer is an understatement, but this flavor right here takes the cake for me. Cash me all summer drinking this on the beach. Oh that’s not a thing anymore? Oh well…

02 Cinnamon. Now people who know me know this is my favorite spice on the rack, but recently my love has been burning like a thousand suns. I’ve been putting it in my coffee, in my water, on my waffles, on my fruit. I’ve been sprinkling it all over and I’m not mad about it. It has so many health benefits, but we will talk about that more in another post. 

03 Naked and Afraid. GUYS I have a problem. I am seriously addicted to this show. I have fallen asleep watching it and have had dreams that I’m on the show. It’s nuts, and they need to add more seasons to the Discovery App asap. 

04 Charity. This month I did a post about a charity that I believe is the most incredible cause. Well now I am in the process of planning a fundraiser for Shelter to Soldier with a couple of my friends, and I couldn’t be more excited. I will keep you updated throughout the planning stages of hosting a fundraiser, and how you can get involved. 

05 Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness, Zombies on Broadway. If you know me you know I have loved Andrews music since he was in a little band called Something Corporate. Jacks Mannequin will always be my favorite band and their songs continue to resonate with me. Now he has gone ahead and released his newest album featuring the single Fire Escape, and he is killing it once again. Two of my personal favorites include So Close and Island Radio. Give this album as well as his previous albums a listen. While you are at it check out his charity the Dear Jack Foundation, another incredible cause. 

That’s it for this month guys. I’m going to get back to my toast now. Cheers 

xx Casey


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