Happy & Healthy Morning Routine


Good Morning friends and Happy Monday! I just came off of an amazingly relaxing three day weekend. I slept in (as much as my cat would let me aka 6:30am), went to my favorite coffee shop, caught up on my favorite shows, cleaned & organized my house, and watched a ton of movies. It was perfectly simple. Now that it is Monday and we are all back to work I want to keep the good vibes going, so I am going to share with you my tips for creating a Happy & Healthy Morning Routine.

01 Wake up & DO NOT hit snooze. Instead, set you’re alarm for when you actually need to wake up. Instead of hitting snooze, take those couple extra minutes to cuddle with your pet. They say that cats help lower anxiety, so before I get started for the day I make a point to stop and spend some time with him.

02 Stretch. This one is hard sometimes because for some people mornings are a race to get out the door. However, if you take just five minutes out of your morning to do a couple stretches it gets your mind and body on the same page.

03 Wash my Face. After I have cuddled with George and done a couple stretches the next step is to head to the bathroom and wash my face with COLD water. I am talking ice cold. This immediately wakes you up, gets rid of toxins, and preps your face for your makeup routine.

04 Detox Water. Now is the time to make my detox water to really prep my body for the day ahead. Find the recipe for this in last week’s post!

05 Hair & Makeup Routine. Lastly I begin to get ready and do my hair & makeup while drinking my detox drink and catching up on my favorite youtubers videos. There are so many awesome lifestyle channels that I have been loving lately. If you guys are interested maybe I will do a favorites post on that one day soon!

Once I am ready I grab my coffee, say goodbye to George, and head to work.

What do you guys do to create a happy mindset each morning? I would love to get more inspo from you!

xx Casey


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