Moments That Define You


When you think about yourself and your life what things come to mind? What are the things that you find complete joy in? What are the pieces that make up who you are? My birthday is coming up in a couple days and it has inspired me to take a look at the person I am, and who I want to become. When I think about it, I can break it down to 10 things I truly find happiness from.

01 Quiet Mornings

02 The Feeling of Summer

03 My Kitten

04 Saturdays

05 The Time Right Before Sunset

06 Long Drives

07 The Beach

08 The Smell of Bonfires

09 Almond Milk Lattes

10 Finding a New Coffee Shop

The whole point of this post is to stress the importance of realizing that sometimes the small stuff is what matters most, and life is full of little moments that add up into one big moment.

Always make sure you find something to look forward to everyday. A cup of coffee tomorrow morning, wearing your favorite sweater this week, a phone call from your best friend. Having something to look forward to, something simple, makes all the difference in life.

xx Casey

photo courtesy of Tumblr


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