Best RI Bars for St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends! This is the one day a year that everyone gets to be Irish for a day! Being Irish myself I can attest that we like to have a good time which is why it is no surprise that everyone loves to partake in this day of celebrating. So grab your Guinness, your shot of Jameson, a plate of Corned Beef and Cabbage and have a good time! And I know just the places to do it…

01 Murphy’s Providence which is half pub/half New York style deli. Pick up one of the most amazing Corned Beef Sandwiches right here! You might just see a certain someone here tonight… Website Here

02 McBride’s Pub is another one of my favorites. They have some great bartenders who are always good for a laugh and an all-around awesome vibe Website Here

03 Fat Belly’s – any of their five locations are bound to be a good time! Be careful – some locations are smaller than others. My suggestion? Head to the Warwick location which is a little bigger. Same great food and atmosphere without the “standing room only” feel of the smaller locations Website Here

04 Mc Kinley’s Pub in East Greenwich is sure to be a good time! Head over here late night for some cheap drinks and a lot of excitement. This place will definitely be packed!     Check it Out Here!

05 Doherty’s Ale House is the place to go for Beer lovers. With 100+ beers on tap you are bound to find something that you like Check it Out Here!

06 O’Brien’s Pub is the perfect place to go if you are from the Newport Area. Great food and great vibes all around. Patiently waiting for it to be summer time so I can spend my days on their patio outside Website Here

Of course there are tons of other bars and restaurants that are holding St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but if you pick one of these awesome Irish Pubs you are definitely bound for a good time!

xx Casey


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