Creating A Stress-Free Environment At Home

May you be happy, May you be at peace (1)

You come home from work and there’s piles of dishes in the sink, clothes all over the floor, the counter is a mess… how do you relax? I believe your attitude is a product of your environment and when your environment is full of chaos your mind will be chaos. So to fix this mess here are five ways to de-stress your environment and help you feel more relaxed at home.

01 Incorporate Plants. Plants release more oxygen into the air which helps you breathe easier. They are also instant mood boosters! (As long as you can keep them alive longer than I can keep plants alive)

02 Get Rid of Clutter. Each night try to make it a point to organize for 30 minutes. Tidying up for just a couple minutes each nights helps alleviate things from piling up. This puts you in a great spot for the next day. Waking up in a clean and organized environment will instantly make you feel more relaxed!

03 Create an Area of Peace. Whether it be your bedroom or a corner of your living room, create an area of your home free of electronics where you can go and be at peace. I have a second bedroom in my apartment which I am slowly turning into a multi-purpose room where I can go and shut off from the world and relax. (I will be sharing a post about this in the upcoming months!)

04 Lay off Social Media. So I began to speak about this in number three, but I cannot tell you how clear your mind can be if you just lay off social media first thing in the morning. Now I know this is a hard one but if you just give that first hour of the morning to yourself, and not to looking at other people’s lives, you will begin your day in a much happier mindset. Instead put on some music, put on your favorite podcast, or play that audio book you have been listening to.

05 Make Your Bed. I know this one is kind of annoying and something that I do not always do myself, but making your bed first thing in the morning signifies to your brain that sleep time is over and it is time to wake up. Also, this just rounds back up to number 2 and creates a cleaner environment.

I hope these tips help start your week off right! Let me know if you have any other tips to creating a stress free environment at home. Also, I will be sharing even more tips in my Morning Routine coming up soon!

xx Casey

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