The Truth About Bullet Journaling

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Good Morning Friends! So we are officially winding down March and heading into a new month. How crazy is that? This is the time when I would usually share with you my Bullet Journal for the past month. That is what I had planned. That is what I prepped for when the month began. But then… it never happened. I never wrote in it again. I did not log my water, I did not log my days. I did none of it. And that is when I realized this might not be the thing for me.

The concept of Bullet Journaling was so cool to me. I would spend time scrolling through other peoples pages impressed by their creativity. But then I realized that this wasn’t the type of creativity that worked for me. I am more of a free spirit. I always have been. I have a creative mind that is always racing and always in a million places at once. So that structure of logging things each day became more of a chore and less of an outlet for me. So I decided to scrap it. I decided to ditch the logs and use my Bullet Journal as more of a… journal. To just write exactly how I am feeling when I am feeling it. To write my daily intentions without having to “log” them. To feel free and less like an experiment.

One of my favorite quotes is “What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” Everyone is creative in a different way, and what you feel and think is what you become. Bullet Journaling wasn’t very freeing to me, so I will be ending this series on my blog. Thank you for following along! And I will still be reading  your Bullet Journaling posts because even though it did not work for me I am still pretty damn fascinated by it!

xx Casey


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