Friday I’m In Love…

It's Friday I'm In Love

Another month has come and gone my friends and we all know what that means.. monthly favorites time. Let’s do this.

01 POLAR. SELTZER. Grapefruit Polar Seltzer was my first favorite of the month last month I know… But Guys. This past month I have been lowkey OBSESSED with Seltzer. I have about three cans a day – two at work and one in the evening, and I literally can not get enough. Grapefruit is still my number one, but the Cranberry Lime is coming in at a close second. Stay tuned for next month when this is my number one favorite again.

02 Vanilla. This month I have been continually obsessed with anything vanilla scented. Walk by my office and it smells like a room full of cookies. You are welcome.

03 Summer House. From the creators of the best reality TV show ever, Vanderpump Rules, comes Summer House – a group of New Yorkers spending their summer weekends drunk on Rose 99% of the time. The season just ended, so head over to the Bravo App and binge watch it and pretend summer is here.

04 My Crock Pot. This past month I have been meal prepping in my crock pot on Sunday and eating it for dinner during the week. This really has been a lifesaver. There is minimal cleanup, hardly any work, and saves so much time.

05 Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness new album Zombies on Broadway. If you know me you know I have loved Andrew’s music since the time he was in Something Corporate. Jack’s Mannequin’s music carried me through every big moment in my life, and now The Wilderness is killing the game some more. This album is so unique to anything Andrew has done before. I am sure you have heard the single “Fire Escape” and if you haven’t what are you even doing with your life? Check out my other favorites “Island Radio” and “So Close”.

There you have it – my March Favorites. Can not wait for next months Spring Favorites post which will most definitely include Polar Seltzer and probably anything vanilla scented. Vanilla flavored Seltzer? Just maybe…

xx Casey


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