What Lifestyle Blogging Means to Me


Happy Monday and Happy May 1st Everyone! We are finally transitioning into the heart of Spring, and Summer is so close I can feel it. As you know I took a little two week break from blogging because I was honestly feeling a little uninspired. I was unfocused because of how busy I have been at work and I just could not put out the type of content that I would be proud to share with you.

The biggest thing that I want to stay away from is posting for the sake of posting. I never want to create a post about something I really don’t care about because I need to get something up that day. It is a waste of my time and you are not getting authentic information. And that’s just not how I roll. The whole reason that I blog is so that I have an outlet for all of the creative thoughts in my brain. I love writing and I love sharing with you the things that I feel passionate about. And that is what having a Lifestyle Blog means to me.

To be a successful blogger you need to love what you write about. I also want to point out that everyone has a different definition of success. I will talk about this more in depth in another post, but to break it down really quickly I define success by the amount of happiness something brings you. And when something brings you happiness that radiates through your work. To me, being a Lifestyle Blogger means that I am passionate about all the things (in my opinion) that create a happy life. It is a broad topic because there is so much that I want to share.

On that note I wanted to update you on a couple changes that will be coming to the blog. Because I want to give you quality content each and every time I post, I am going to be changing my posting schedule from four times a week to three times a week. That means you will be getting exciting new content every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I have about three months’ worth of ideas in my head right now and I am really excited to share it with you.

I have a new found excitement for the direction my blog will be going, so I thank you for sticking around during this little break. I have more Motivational posts, Recipes, Travel Guides, and Lifestyle tips coming your way. I will see you back here on Thursday, but until then – have a wonderful week!

xx Casey


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