Mini Obsession: Knorr Pasta Sides

Knorr Pasta Sides

Good Morning friends and Happy Thursday! It is great to see you back here on my little blog. Still adjusting to the new posting schedule (I was so tempted to post something on Tuesday!) but we are working on it. Today I want to talk about something that I have recently found and am currently LOVING. I am talking about Knorr Pasta Sides. I know these things have been around forever, and you are probably thinking Casey… what is so great about these things? Well let me tell you.

This week I have tried three different kinds and I am hooked. First of all they make dinner SO EASY. Seven minutes and these bad boys are done. Second, they help you create a full on meal without much effort. Third, they are 99 cents. Let that one sink in. Lastly, to my surprise they actually taste really damn good. So let’s talk about the one’s I have tried so far.

Side note: took pictures of my meals to send to my mom because I was so excited, but they look like a five year old took them so I am not posting them on here. If you are interested and would like me to take some updated pictures of the finished products I definitely can!

On Monday I made a chicken and green bean stir fry along with the Knorr Teriyaki Noodles. I am going to be really honest these tasted so good. They didn’t taste like that fake teriyaki sauce that some cheap Asian noodle sides taste like. This one was a real winner.

On Tuesday I made baked chicken tenders with a side of the Knorr Cheddar Broccoli Rice. Seriously another winner. There were actual chunks of broccoli in there, not just those green little specs that some rice packets pretend is broccoli. I am talking real florets. Also, the chicken tenders that I made were so good that I may just have to share that recipe with you in a future post! Also it totally helped that I had leftover Wendy’s Sweet & Sour Sauce and Chick fil A Sauce in my fridge.

On Wednesday I made Knorr Fettuccini Alfredo with Sautéed Chicken and Cauliflower. Three for three this one was amazing as well! As good as the Alfredo Sauce you can get in a jar and more than half the price. This one was definitely the most impressive so far and all you need to do is add a half a cup of milk.

Tonight I am thinking I am going to give the Chicken flavored noodles a try. Fingers crossed this one is as good as the last three! I am also really excited to try the Cheddar Chipotle Noodles, the Teriyaki Rice, and the Stroganoff.

Now I know these are not the best things for you. Trust me, I read the calories on the back of each one of these. But when your rent and utilities come out the same week and you are on a serious budget these really do come in handy, and it is nice to know you can have a tasty meal for a low price.

Have you tried any of these Knorr Pasta Sides? Let me know which one is your favorite!

xx Casey


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