Friday I’m In Love…

scar Wilde (1)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have been having an AMAZING month! This June has been a little crazy between driving to Jersey for my sister’s graduation, driving to Jersey for my cousin’s baby shower, driving to Boston for a concert, and my mom and aunt coming up here for my sister’s college orientation. To say my weekends were packed this past month has been an understatement. So I am definitely excited for the holiday weekend coming up full of BBQ’s, pool parties, and beach days. The first couple weekends of July are going to be just as packed as this past month – and I will be sharing all of those details soon! But before we hop into a new month, let’s talk about some more favorites shall we?

01 Watermelon Water. So simple, and so delicious. You guys know I am the WORST about drinking water. So recently I have been saving a couple pieces from my breakfast and throwing them into my Venti Starbucks cup and filling it with ice cold water. I finish at least two before lunch and three more in the afternoon. I am so proud.

02 Weights. So guys, this past month I have been finally using my Planet Fitness membership and really getting into a weights routine. Who am I? IDK but I am down 7 lbs and ready to drop another 7 more this upcoming month.

03 Post Grad Problems: Things Girls Do After Graduation. GUYS I am obsessed with this series. There are 125 articles in this series so far and a new one posted every Wednesday. It is absolutely hilarious and so real. This site is ran by the same people who own Total Sorority Move and Total Frat Move so it has that same type of humor. Go check it out ASAP!

04 Happy Hour. As much as I have been loving the gym this past month I have also been balancing it out with some after work drinks with some of my favorite girls. Nothing like a glass of wine or two to make a long work day a little bit better.

05 Throwbacks. Every summer I cultivate an epic throwback playlist of Warped Tour’s past filled with Valencia, The Starting Line, Blink, Cartel, New Found Glory, and a TON more. Here is the link to my High School Jams Playlist to start off your weekend right.

That’s it for this favorites post guys. Yesterday I have to admit that I had this weird longing for fall, but after a couple glasses of white wine last night and my new playlist I am mentally back in summer mode and ready to take on the 4th.

xx Casey


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