The Simple Habit of Meditation


I have said it once and I am saying it again – this summer has been a whirlwind. It has been full of graduations, concerts, parties, weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, vacations…  this list goes on. It has been so much fun but to say I have not had a moment to breath would be an under statement. Besides all the exciting things in my personal life, this summer at work has been unseasonably busy as well. Which is amazing! But it is easy to get burnt out, which means stress and anxiety are pretty common outcomes.

I have talked about meditation and essential oils as aids in stressful times in the past. with that being said, I am definitely not an expert. I am just sharing what works best for me. Recently I have discovered an amazing app called Simple Habit. This app has a ton of free guided meditations to assist with a variety of different situations. Whether you need immediate anxiety relief, assistance sleeping, finding happiness, or just a simple morning meditation to start your day off right this app has it all. There are also even more meditations available to you if you sign up for their membership, but it is not required. I have been loving the Simple Habit Starter guided meditation by Cory Muscara which is a 7 day introductory course in mindful meditation. It really focuses on your breathing and is perfect for beginners or people trying to get back into meditation. These quick five minute meditations are the perfect way to get your mind back on track even in your busiest or most stressful moments.

I am in no way a wellness blogger, but I hope you are liking these tips and trips to a healthier and happier being. These are things that work for me and are not a cure all for each and every person. If you like these types of posts let me know! This is something that I have been slowly growing a passion for and would love to continue this journey of learning more and sharing with you all.

xx Casey


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