New Season, New Goals


There is a quote by one of my favorite authors F. Scott Fitzgerald that sums up how I feel about the months ahead: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”. With October looming I could not agree more. My favorite season is finally here, and this is definitely the time of year I feel most inspired.

So what better time than to start looking at where you are in life and where you would like to be, and creating some goals to get you there? Today I am sharing with you a couple of my goals for the month of October and beyond and how I am planning on getting there.

First things first let’s talk about the tools that I am going to use to help myself plan, stay on track, and stay inspired. I love agendas and notebooks, but I have not found a lifestyle planner that works the way I would like it to. So I created my own. I used the website to create a Lifestyle Planner that works for me. I am not going to share pictures of my planner as it contains private information, but let me know if you would like me to share with you the downloadable versions of the pages I created!

01 My first big Goal for fall is Budgeting. I want to get a better handle on my finances and start building a savings for the future. I have created a calendar spread mapping out my weekly income, the bills due that week, how much I have left for miscellaneous spending, and how much I can put into savings. I will also be savings my recipes and tracking each charge for the month so I can have a bigger picture of where my money is going. Am I spending too much on takeout? Coffee? I am going to find out.

02 I have said it before, but this month I am taking it seriously – I will drink 2.7 liters of water every day for the entire month. At the end of the month I will track how I feel and see if it really does make a difference. I have been getting headaches quite a bit this month, and I am curious to see if they are less frequent the more water I drink.

03 I took the last two months off from the gym, and despite the fact that I have still been eating relatively healthy and lost another 3lbs, I never felt better than when I was going to the gym at least four times a week. So for the month of October I am getting back on track and moving closer to losing those last 10lbs.

04 The past four months have been a whirlwind of events which has been a complete blast, but I am ready for a break. October is all about having “me time”. I want to relax, read a book and sit at a coffee shop, binge watch a new show, learn a new recipe, and spend some time alone.

05 All of my goals so far have to do with bettering myself in some way and setting myself up for success in the future. My goal for October is to begin writing out a five year plan and focus on where I see myself going personally and professionally in the next couple years.

And there you have it, my goals for the season. Does anyone else feel inspired as the leaves begin to change? It really does give you a sense of new beginnings, and I am ready for it.

xx Casey


Pumpkin Spice Playlist

Happy official first day of the best time of year friends! Yes today may be the first day of fall but I have been in the spirit for about 22 days now. Catch up guys. So to get you in the spirit as well, today I am sharing with you the coziest most warm and fuzzy fall vibes playlist I could think of. Appropriately named “Pumpkin Spice” which you can list to on Spotify. Go ahead and give me a follow on there since I am always creating new playlists.

So grab yourself a cup of Cinnamon Tea (or a pumpkin spice latte), curl up in a fuzzy blanket, and press play. Fall is finally here.


xx Casey

Bayberry Beer Hall

This weekend, thanks to some good friends, we stumbled upon the coolest new Beer Hall in the West Side of Providence. However, it definitely doesn’t feel like you are in Providence. Think Brooklyn NY with the cool industrial vibe, communal tables, and antique light fixtures. The place drew me in immediately.

Bayberry is owned by Tom and Natalie Dennen who seem like the nicest couple (with the cutest kid!) – just check out the Bayberry Instagram and follow their journey from building to opening. Their passion for doing everything local from the lighting to the signage is what makes them unique- and inspiring.


FullSizeR (16)

When you enter, take a seat at one of the communal tables and mull over the menus that are placed on each table or go right up to the counter and place your order. The bartenders will serve you your drink and give you a buzzer for your food. When your food is ready you go up to the beautiful open kitchen, grab your plate, and bring it back to your table.

Now let’s get to the good stuff… GUYS. They had a ROSÉ CIDER. Right now you can order it by the .355ML bottle, however the awesome bartenders let me know that soon they will have it on tap. WHAT! We also had a house-made pretzel with mustard butter(yum!) and roasted smashed red bliss potatoes with olive oil and garlic. Everything melded together so perfectly from the food, to the drinks, to the atmosphere, to the service.

This is the place I have been looking for. A gathering place for good conversation with great friends over some killer drinks. I already can not wait to go back and bring everyone I know. Cheers!

xx Casey

A Day at Sunset Orchard

In full fall glory, today I want to share with you the cutest little farm located in North Scituate RI. We went to get some peaches before summer was “officially” over, however I am very excited to get back there for some apple picking.

FullSizeR (13)

FullSizeR (15)

FullSizeR (14)

Not only are they the most cost friendly orchard that I have been to (4 lbs of peaches for $6!), they also have the friendliest staff and some awesome treats. Can you say apple butter? Yes please! They also have fresh baked pies, candied apples, and fresh pressed cider, among other things. If you are bringing the family, they also have tractor pulled wagon rides as well as a barrel train ride for the kids.

They have tons of FULL trees, which you do not always find at every orchard. Sunset Orchard is definitely my pick for apple picking this year!

xx Casey

Weekend Wrap Up: Weddings & Wildflowers

Monday’s are the worst. Well… not this Monday because tonight is the finale of Bachelor in Paradise and I have my Boom Chicka Pop and Rose lined up and ready for a cozy night in. But Monday mornings? Yes, they are indeed the worst.

Let’s reminisce about happier times (aka the weekend) shall we?


Don’t know who Lily is? Well, she is the pregnant cat that had taken up residence on my porch for the past month. Did you know that apparently if you feed a cat in Rhode Island it legally becomes yours. I knew I needed to find this sweet baby a home and a safe place to have her babies (that wasn’t my living room). Well thank God for the amazing people at Pet Refuge here in Rhode Island. They are a non profit no kill cat shelter, and luckily they had one bed open. Dropping her off was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be, but it was the right thing to do. She is safe and will be well taken care of – and you can bet I am going to be visiting her and her babies until they find homes.

FullSizeR (10)

Backyard Wedding

This Saturday we went to the wedding of one of the most amazing people I know, my friend Krista. Tucked away at her parents house in Fitchburg MA was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. When people say weddings are supposed to be a party… well this was a party! Amazing food, awesome band, and great people. We danced the night away celebrating the union of two people who could not be more perfect for each other.

FullSizeR (8)

FullSizeR (11)

FullSizeR (9)



10,000 Suns & The Providence Flea

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day so after sleeping in a bit it was time to get out and spend the day exploring the city I call home. On our way to the Providence Flea, which is a Flea Market full of some incredible local vendors and amazing food trucks we stumbled upon 10,0000 suns, a living art installation consisting of 10,000 sunflowers. It is gorgeous, and it is things like this that make Providence so wonderful.

But let’s get back to the incredible vendors at the Providence Flea. One that I thought was absolutely incredible (and one of the best ideas) is the Wildflower flower truck. An old Volkswagen bus was converted into a flower truck, which you can either buy single flowers from or create your own bouquet.



FullSizeR (6)

Another busy week is here, but Monday means we are one step closer to Friday right? I will see you back here again then friends.

xx Casey


Falling Back Into It

FullSizeR (5)

Good Morning Friends! I hate to keep saying it has been a while, but.. it’s been a while hasn’t it?

It has been almost a year now since I wrote my first post here on My Nine Lives and began a new chapter in my blogging journey. Right out the gate I was posting four times a week throughout the winter and spring, and then when summer approached and my schedule began filling up I just could not keep up. But you know this already.

There are three big reasons why I keep coming back to blogging. One is because I love connecting with people who have similar passions as I do. Two is because I love to create, and blogging gives me an outlet to do so. Three is because it makes me excited. Which is most important. Because if something doesn’t make you excited then why are you doing it?

So here I am, not promising to be the most consistent blogger in the world. But with the change of seasons comes a whole new sense of inspiration and I am really excited to share with you some awesome content two days a week beginning today. So you will be getting a little My Nine Lives every Monday and Friday. However, if I get a wave of inspiration who is to say I won’t post more? This is a journey. And I am so grateful that you have been on this ride with me for the past year.

I have another busy weekend coming up which I will tell you all about in Monday’s post. But until then, have a wonderful weekend friends! My favorite time of year is upon us.

xx Casey