The Thing About Inspiration


I have been feeling extra inspired this past month. Like I talked about in a post a couple weeks back, fall is definitely the season when I begin to feel the most inspired. So incredibly inspired in fact that I have begun the planning stages on a new and exciting venture. I am not going to share too much on it just yet (however I am itching to tell you!) – but definitely expect some exciting posts throughout the next couple months.

But for now let’s talk a little more about inspiration shall we? And more importantly how to stay inspired.

01 Write it Down.

Sit down and write a list of what inspires you. Are there any common themes? Do they all have to do with giving back to the community or about creating a healthy lifestyle?

02 Ask Yourself Why?

Now think about what it is about these things that inspires you. Now what are you going to do about it?

03 Switch it Up.

If you are feeling like you are in a bit of a rut change up your environment. When we change our environment, we change our surrounding energy.

04 Don’t Give Up.

If something turns on a light inside of you don’t give up on it. Some days you won’t be as motivated as others. The inspiration might dim a little. Start this process again. Re-evaluate what it is that made you feel inspired in the first place.

I hope you all have an amazing and incredibly inspired weekend!

xx Casey


Weekend Wrap Up: Cozy Fall Weekend

The last time I posted I updated you guys and let you know I wasn’t feeling well, had been to three doctors, and they had given me some new medicine. Well a week of that medicine passed along with getting some fillings and I am finally, FINALLY, feeling better. I allowed myself to rest, didn’t have coffee for over two weeks, drank as much water as possible, and now I am back at it.

This past weekend was a low-key weekend full of all of the fall activities. On Friday night we picked up some wings from our favorite wing place (the mac and cheese sauce wings at Boneheads is UNBELIEVABLE), poured some hard cider into some home-made cinnamon sugar rimmed glasses, and watched a movie.


Saturday morning we ran some errands and then I did a deep clean of the kitchen and my spare room. That room (which I call George’s room) has been sitting there giving off some serious blah vibes for a while. Eventually I will do a complete overhaul of that room and re-paint it but this weekend I began rearranging to make it a little more homey. Of course I will share all the room remodeling details with you when the time comes! Usually springtime is when I get inspired to re-decorate but this year the inspo is hitting me in the fall. I’ve been feeling really inspired lately in all aspects of life – but more on that in Friday’s post!

After the cleaning session we picked up some pumpkins, turned on some Halloween tunes, poured some more cider, and began carving. I am OBSESSED with my Harry Potter pumpkin. Then we made some killer grilled cheese and tomato soup, put on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and called it a day.




On Sunday morning we woke up and met some friends in Providence to take part in the Breast Cancer walk. It was amazing to see so many people come together for an incredible cause. After the walk we headed to one of our all time favorite places The Trap in East Greenwich to watch the game. The Trap does $5 apps during the game so we got the fried mozzarella (always a favorite), dirty chips (with garlic and Parmesan!), and the potato and quinoa tots which were amazing! We also split our all time favorite sandwich, the french dip. It is AMAZING. After that I was ready to head home, curl up in bed, and binge watch a show. My show of choice? Riverdale. I am definitely seeing where all the hype is coming from.


After such a relaxing weekend I am looking forward to a productive week ahead!

xx Casey

Weekend Wrap Up: Cliff Walks & Weddings

GUYS. I’ve been sick for two weeks now and when I say I’ve had it.. I’ve had it. I am on some new medicine which is hopefully gunna kick this sinus/headache/ear ache/whatever else I have’s butt. So since you didn’t hear from me Friday or yesterday I decided to do a little Tuesday re-cap for you guys.

In the midst of being sick, my mother and my aunt came up on Friday for my sister’s Family Weekend at College. We drove down to Newport, had dinner, walked a little of the cliff walk, and then headed back to Providence. They stayed at my place for the weekend so I headed over to my boyfriends for some peace and quiet.

On  Saturday it was finally the big day, one of my best friends weddings! I headed over to her suite on Sunday morning to get hair and makeup done which she so generously offered. So I headed over with breakfast for the girls that consisted of Egg Soufle’s, Mini Scones, Croissants, Fruit, and a Glazed Munchkin Croquembouche (Which was super easy to make! Just get a foam cone from a craft store, cover in cling wrap, and use tooth picks to cover it in donuts. Yum!) It was such a fun morning and was just the start of an amazing day.


Fast forward to the ceremony where I tried to hold in the tears so my fake eyelashes didn’t fall out. It was beautiful, the officiant was funny and charming, and most of all you could really feel the love. Then it was party time! The mix of current music, oldies, and old school hip hop kept the party going until around 11:30 when everyone headed home for the night. Side note: their last dance was to Biggie Smalls and if that is not wedding goals I don’t know what is. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I could not be happier for two amazing people.



The next day I said goodbye to the fam, did a bunch of errands, and was in bed resting by 3PM. The rest of the day consisted of naps and The Great British Baking Show which is my new OBSESSION. It is serious cozy vibes.

The rest of this week is going to be full of medicine, soup, and as much rest as I can get. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead.

xx Casey