Weekend Wrap Up: Cliff Walks & Weddings

GUYS. I’ve been sick for two weeks now and when I say I’ve had it.. I’ve had it. I am on some new medicine which is hopefully gunna kick this sinus/headache/ear ache/whatever else I have’s butt. So since you didn’t hear from me Friday or yesterday I decided to do a little Tuesday re-cap for you guys.

In the midst of being sick, my mother and my aunt came up on Friday for my sister’s Family Weekend at College. We drove down to Newport, had dinner, walked a little of the cliff walk, and then headed back to Providence. They stayed at my place for the weekend so I headed over to my boyfriends for some peace and quiet.

On  Saturday it was finally the big day, one of my best friends weddings! I headed over to her suite on Sunday morning to get hair and makeup done which she so generously offered. So I headed over with breakfast for the girls that consisted of Egg Soufle’s, Mini Scones, Croissants, Fruit, and a Glazed Munchkin Croquembouche (Which was super easy to make! Just get a foam cone from a craft store, cover in cling wrap, and use tooth picks to cover it in donuts. Yum!) It was such a fun morning and was just the start of an amazing day.


Fast forward to the ceremony where I tried to hold in the tears so my fake eyelashes didn’t fall out. It was beautiful, the officiant was funny and charming, and most of all you could really feel the love. Then it was party time! The mix of current music, oldies, and old school hip hop kept the party going until around 11:30 when everyone headed home for the night. Side note: their last dance was to Biggie Smalls and if that is not wedding goals I don’t know what is. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I could not be happier for two amazing people.



The next day I said goodbye to the fam, did a bunch of errands, and was in bed resting by 3PM. The rest of the day consisted of naps and The Great British Baking Show which is my new OBSESSION. It is serious cozy vibes.

The rest of this week is going to be full of medicine, soup, and as much rest as I can get. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead.

xx Casey



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