Something Sweet Gift Box

Happy Friday friends! Is it just me or has this been the LONGEST week ever? I am so looking forward to shutting down and spending my weekend relaxing and binge watching Stranger Things. I also am planning on doing a little Bathroom remodel this weekend as well. Getting wild!

Anyway, today I want to share with you a super cute gift box idea perfect for the holiday season. Because who doesn’t like a little something sweet, especially this time of year.


Let’s take a look inside shall we?

Sweenors Chocolate Shells & Gummie Lobsters.

Sweenor’s Chocolates started modestly more than 60 years ago as a home business in Cranston, Rhode Island.Now in two Rhode Island locations and online, Sweenor’s Chocolates is owned and operated by the third- and fourth-generation confectioners. Did I mention that they are AMAZING. Seriously, go in there and have some of their Chocolate Covered Vanilla Caramels with Sea Salt. Incredible.

Nettie’s Kettle Corn.

Joe Clemente and Linda Rossi, both of North Providence, Rhode Island, own and operate Nettie’s Kettle Corn. Not only do they have amazing Origional Kettle Corn but they have a ton of incredible flavors including Cayenne, Italian Herb, Vanilla, and my favorite Jalapeno.

Who doesn’t love receiving a perfectly crafted gift box just for them? It is like Christmas morning! Look out for more gift box ideas (and a special announcement) in the coming weeks.

Have a great (and relaxing) weekend everyone!

xx Casey


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