Summer Intentions


Since the first day of summer is officially here, I wanted to take the time to set some intentions for the season. The turn of a new season is the perfect time to sit back and re-evaluate the important things in life and re-focus your energy.

Slow Down & Soak It Up. Summer comes and goes way too quickly each year. By the time mid June rolls around, there are two and a half short months left until the coolness of fall rolls in. And as much as I love the fall, I need to remember not to rush it. Enjoy the nights where you can eat dinner outside on the patio, spend days soaking up the sun, and  enjoy moving at a much slower pace than usual.

To Be More Aware of My Body. This is not where I am going to begin talking about “summer bodies” because quite frankly there is no such thing. This season there is so much fresh produce – so take advantage of it! Eat cooler lighter meals while the temps are rising, and feel good about what you are putting into your body. Eating seasonally is the healthiest way to live and will make you feel lighter and more energized throughout the summer and beyond.

Say No, Without Guilt. Just because it is summer does not mean you have to say yes to every happy hour, buck a shuck, brunch, beach day, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking this time to slow down. The urge to go-go-go and soak up every moment of the summer is strong, but do yourself a favor and take some time for yourself.

xx Casey


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