A Quiet Self Care Day in Quarantine

As you can guess there isn’t much going on around here these days. Most days are spent lounging around the house, cooking, cleaning, and watching a ton of TV. What used to make up the components of a lazy Saturday are now the norm, so how do you differentiate the everyday from a “me day”? For me, its about making a conscious effort to mindfully go through the day slowly and with intention. Let me take you through one of those days.

I am so happy that I have finally gotten back into a normal sleep routine. For a while in the beginning of quarantine I was staying up until 2am and sleeping in until 10:30am and honestly, it did not feel great. These days I naturally wake up around 7:30am which is about the time my boyfriend Jeff is leaving for work.

After laying in bed for a little bit longer I get up and make myself a cup of coffee. The act of making a cup of coffee and enjoying it on the couch has been one of my favorite things to come out of quarantine. I have also been loving making myself breakfast, which is something else I never took time to do for myself. Recently I have been loving making poached eggs and eating them with an English muffin and avocado. I could also write an entire post about my love for English Muffins at this point.

If it is a nice day I will eat my breakfast on the balcony. I will pop on either my Slow Morning playlist or my Sunday Coffee Playlist depending on my mood. You can find those playlists and more on my Spotify, just search “Casey Lynn”.

Now I know that everyone is on the homemade banana bread kick, but I am admittedly not a baker. But I have been loving buying the Simple Mills Muffin and Bread Mixes. The Banana and Pumpkin mixes are my favorites, so once a week I find myself making a batch.

I know that many of you have been missing the nail salon during this time, but I have always been one to do my own nails. I use an all natural and cruelty free nail polish by the brand Ella and Mila.

I like to make this a full on self care day, so I will usually do a hair mask and a face mask and watch a YouTube video by one of my favorite creators while the timer counts down. I have recently discovered a whole community of people who renovate RVs and Airstreams into beautiful homes. I have been watching the channel “Tiny House Giant Journey” that takes you on tours of these unique homes.

Time for a nice long shower. I like to listen to podcasts or Audio books while I am in the shower, and one of my favorites is the Sunday Scaries Podcast.

It is time for some lunch, another thing that I have been enjoying taking my time with. I will usually either make a salad or a simple turkey sandwich and head back on the balcony to eat. Keep in mind by this time my phone is still in my room and I have not touched any social media. The biggest thing for me during my self care day is to unplug.

After I dry my hair, moisturize, and put on some comfy clothes I either hop on the couch and put on a feel good movie. I will usually choose a nostalgic movie that allows you to turn off your brain and just relax. This particular day I watched the classic Aquamarine and enjoyed every minute of it.

Once the movie is over I will do a quick clean up of the kitchen or living room and then begin prepping dinner. I have been loving my instant pot, so I will typically put some chicken breasts in there to cook up and use in a variety of different recipes. This day I also baked a batch of brownies as well.

We will usually eat dinner around 5pm and then catch up on some of our favorite shows. We have been absolutely loving anything and everything 90 Day Fiancé lately, so we have been catching up on old seasons at night.

Another one of my favorite parts of the day has been making a cup of tea in the evening. I think it is the perfect ending to a relaxing day. I have been loving Chamomile tea lately. After tea, I will normally get into bed and pop on some Parks and Recreation (which I recommended in my relaxing tv shows post last week!) and fall asleep.

The most important take away is to move slowly throughout the day. There is no timeline. I focus on the little things and really take them in without any distractions. I couldn’t recommend incorporating a self care day like this into your week enough. Even if it looks more like a self care hour in your home, it is well worth it.


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