Balcony’s and Boards

Ahhhh my love has no bounds when it comes to the beautiful cheese board. You can find me at your get together eating all of your prosciutto. You have been warned. And if my boyfriend and cat are there? Game over. They are known in our house as the prosciutto boys. And before you ask George only gets the tiniest piece, and yes he has expensive taste.

My rule of thumb when it comes to cheese boards is… there is no rule. Fill that board with all of your favorites. If you want to fill that board with five different kinds of cheese go for it. If you are setting up a board for a party I would highly suggest going to check out the Instagram accounts That Cheese Plate and Cheese by Numbers. She will walk you through her six step method that breaks your board down by the following components: cheese, meat, produce, crunch, dip, and garnish.

But when it comes to the everyday plate (because yes, I could solely eat a cheese board for dinner almost everyday) these are my must haves based on my taste. For the cheeses I usually go for a Brie, Mozzarella, and Gouda. If I can get to a Trader Joe’s I will also add their Unexpected Cheddar because it is one of my favorite cheeses. For the meats I keep it simple with some pepperoni and about a pound of prosciutto. Like I said, this is my personal preference here. I also like to have some gherkins and olives with my board. You can never go wrong with some Blue Cheese stuffed olives. I like to finish my board off with two or three different types of crackers or a sliced baguette. I recently found the Sabra pita crackers and they are delicious. I also really love the Simple Mills Almond Flour crackers in the tomato basil flavor. I don’t normally add a dip but if I do it’s either some preserves or honey. And if I am feeling like I need a little break from the meat and cheese I will add some berries or grapes. When figs are in season I always add some of those as well.

And there you have it, the components to my cheese board. Serves perfectly on a balcony with a cold glass of rose. Or a Whiteclaw, I don’t judge.


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