Creating Hygge in the Spring & Summer

I am sure by now many of you have heard of the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced: hoo-ga) which is essentially the essence of living cozy. I absolutely love this concept and you can read more about it in the Little Book of Hygge. The Hygge Manifesto breaks down into a ten point roadmap to achieving everyday happiness. These ten points include: Atmosphere, Presence, Pleasure, Equality, Gratitude, Harmony, Comfort, Truce, Togetherness, and Shelter. The manifesto calls us to be fully present in every moment of our lives. By creating physical comfort, connecting with others on a personal level and not through a screen, being greatful, and creating a cozy and calming atmosphere we can achieve Hygge in our lives.

It is easy to create a sense of hygge in your home in the fall and winter. Cozy blankets, warm clothes, soft lighting, and warm drinks are simple ways to get more hygge in your life. With the warmer months upon us how do we get that same sense of comfort when the weather doesn’t lend well to the typical hygge staples. Here are a couple ways I am embracing hygge in the summer months.

A summer scented candle is one of the easiest way to incorporate a feeling of coziness in your home. I am someone who lights candles all year round and they truly do enhance my mood. I already wrote an entire post on how scent can evoke so many memories of happy times that you should check out.

They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. Take advantage of this time and clean out things that no longer serve you. Hygge is all about embracing the simple things in life and decluttering your home and mind.

When it comes time for meals, take the time to enjoy them. The key here is to actually set aside time to have Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Normally I would skip breakfast, work through lunch, and rush through dinner while watching tv or scrolling through Instagram before it would be time for bed. Instead, put the phone down and be present. Whether you are alone or sharing a meal with others embrace that time and disconnect.

Materials create a sense of comfort when it comes to Hygge. Switch out the wool sweaters and knit blankets for lighter materials. A light linen blanket or an oversized cotton t shirt can still be cozy.

There are so many ways to incorporate hygge into your life all year round. At the end of the day (or beginning of the day) a warm cup of coffee or a cup of tea is the easiest way to get that warm and comforting feeling. Pair with a good book and you are on your way to living this Danish way of life.


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