That Summertime Feeling

Picture this: It is the summer of 2008. You are on a beach vacation with your family. You wake up and immediately put on your bathing suit, a pair of jean shorts, and a billabong tank you bought at the local surf shop. You are ready to spend another beautiful day down the shore. You grab your boogie board, slip on your $1 old navy flip flops, and walk the block to the beach. The hot sand hits your feet and you run to the perfect spot for the day. You and your cousins or siblings spend the day in the sand and surf. Once you have had your fill you head back to the house and prepare yourself for one of the best feelings on earth – that after beach shower. Your skin is hot from a full day in the sun and you jump into the cool shower to wash away all the sand. It’s like heaven. After the shower you head to your bed or the couch for the perfect afternoon nap. You wake up just in time to start getting ready for dinner. You leave your hair natural, because you are at the beach after all and who needs heat products. You get dressed and head out the door. You sit outside at a beachside restaurant and enjoy dinner with your family. After you may hit up a local ice cream shop or head to the boardwalk. It’s the perfect end to the perfect day.

There’s nothing like that nostalgic summer feeling that always finds its way back when June rolls around. That same feel good feeling you get when Ocean Avenue begins to play on your summertime playlist. You are transported back to summers past, and life is good.


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