My Nine Lives encompasses all of the parts of my life that make me who I am. This is the place I will share with you the many things I love, experience, taste, and create.

I have always been a creative. From growing up with a love of dance and performing to going to Culinary School.

I have a passion for food & beverage and entertaining. I love self care and creating an environment within your home that promotes that. My mission is to bring all of those passions together in one place. My Nine Lives is all about finding creativity and fulfillment in each day.

So who am I?

I am Casey, a girl from New Jersey living in the Ocean State.

My cat George Washington is my best friend.

My ideal night consists of a slice (or three) of pizza, a glass of rose, and a Friends or The Office marathon with my boyfriend Jeff.

I have a lot of passions, all of which I believe are a form of self care.

Welcome, I hope you stay a while.


xx Casey