Weekend Wrap Up

Good Morning and Happy Monday Friends! It’s been a while? I told you guys this summer is jam packed and June was the start of it all! So before we hop back into our regular programming I thought I would share with you a little wrap up on what’s been going on the past couple of weeks. I can not believe my last post was a May favorites and now we are almost at the end of June. Unreal.

So let’s rewind to the past three weekends shall we? The first weekend I drove down to Jersey to attend my sisters high school graduation. Yeah – her high school graduation.. I don’t think it has sunk in yet. When did she get older than five years old? I am very excited though because she will be coming up to Rhode Island for College next year. Sister goals. We went to the graduation and then had a BBQ with awesome, food, drinks, family, and friends. It was a great weekend!


Fast forward to the next weekend when I drove down to Jersey again – this time for my cousins baby shower. She is having twins (a boy and a girl) and the family could not be more excited! The baby shower was ADORABLE and we had so much fun setting it up. Then I drove back to my family’s house and relaxed/hit the pool before it was time to drive back up again.



This past weekend we spent Saturday running around buying plants, shopping, and maybe finding a new friend? We stopped in the local animal shelter and my boyfriend may have fallen in love with a little grey kitten. On Sunday we made the trip up to Boston and I FINALLY got to see my favorite band, Dirty Heads. The show was incredible and I can not wait to see them the next time they come back around.


Goonies Never Say Die.

It has been a crazy fun couple of weeks, but I am definitely looking forward to a little more low key weekend coming up.

xx Casey


Friday I’m In Love…

scar Wilde (1)

Happy Friday everyone! Coming at you with a May Favorites post. I obviously love all my favorites’ posts because well… they are my favorites. But this list? THIS LIST. It is everything. So let’s get to it.

01 Girl Boss. I loved this new Netflix series and breezed through it in a couple days. Did Sophia’s attitude put me off sometimes? Absolutely. But none the less there was something endearing about the show and I couldn’t stop watching. Would love a second season please Netflix.

02 Malibu – Miley Cyrus. GUYS. I am obsessed with this song. I have always loved Miley (even when she went a little wild) but with this new song she is getting back to her roots and you can tell that she is totally happy which is awesome.

03 The Bachelorette. I am seriously loving this new season. Rachel is so endearing and she was definitely the best choice out of the group of girls from last season (however no lie I would have died for a Corinne season – here is hoping she is on Paradise!) The Bachelorette has never been my favorite – I have always preferred the Bachelor, but this season is awesome so far and I cannot wait to continue to see what goes down.

04 Boom Chika Pop. This has literally become my favorite Monday night Bachelorette snack. 1 cup of the stuff is only 70 calories, or 2 ¼ cups for 150. Right now I am loving the Cheddar Cheese flavor, and I cannot wait to try a new flavor next week.

05 Barefoot Rose. Dear Eight Pound, Six Ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly, but still omnipotent. I’d just like to thank you for this $5 bottle of Rose that I will be drinking every Monday night along with my popcorn while watching the Bachelorette. Currently stocking up.

xx Casey

Weekend Wrap Up

Good Morning my blogging friends! I know, I know.. it’s been a little while. So let’s catch you up on what’s been going on the past week shall we?

First up my little cat and love of my life George has not been feeling well. Little Guy had a stomach ache and I wound up having to bring him to the vet and get him some medicine. So instead of traveling down to New Jersey like I had planned we took it easy this Memorial Day – meaning lots of cuddles for the bubs.

The weekend however wasn’t all rest and no play. We went to a couple awesome new places this weekend as well. On Saturday we hit up Feast in East Greenwich for one of the BEST burgers I have ever had. You can tell I was really enjoying it..



Saturday night we hit up a new pasta place in the West Side of Providence for some small plates to share. It was absolutely perfect and I will be sharing a whole post on this spot soon! For dessert we hit up an amazing cookie place on Thayer Street for an Ice Cream Sandwich to end the day.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key – exactly what I needed. Refreshed and ready to take on the month ahead! I am traveling to New Jersey the next two weekends in a row so the rest time was definitely needed.

Before I go I want to also want to update you on my posting schedule and where I am at. This summer is going to be crazy – in a good way! I have so many exciting things planned (make sure you are following me on Instagram to keep up to date on everything I am doing!) and so I am trying to find a balance between work, life, and blogging. The most important thing to me is being consistent. I want to provide you with consistent well thought out material. I want you to gain something from reading my blog whether it be inspiration, perspective, or a good laugh. With that being said, I decided that for now I will be changing my posting schedule to two days a week – Monday’s and Friday’s. This way you can start and end your week with band new My Nine Lives content! Once the summer is over I may be able to add a third day back into the rotation but for now it just doesn’t seem feasible. Now I know I am posting on a Tuesday this week but I wanted to pop in here before my regularly scheduled post on Friday to give you a little update on the blogging sitch.

So I will see you guys Friday with a new favorites post – I have a lot to share! And can you believe May has already come and gone? Summer time is almost in our grasp…

xx Casey

Tips For Better Living

Since January I have been talking about getting back on track and reversing the damage the last couple months has done on my summer body. Well here we are in May and to say I am not ready would be an understatement. I mean don’t get me wrong.. I am SO READY for warm summer days spent at the beach and chilly summer nights sipping Rose by the water, but when it comes to pulling out the shorts and the bathing suites? Can we just pause for a second? There comes a time when the motivation finally sets in and you are ready to buckle down – and that time was yesterday in a Target dressing room trying on bathing suites.

I mean, my motivation really did start last weekend. Last week was spent eating kale, mushrooms, and any other veg I could get my hands on while biking and lifting at the gym. It was a great start and this weekend I didn’t cheat toooo bad (flashback to the Burger King run on Saturday night). But that little Target fitting room brought me back down to Earth with an intensity to keep going like no other. And I am going to share all my tips and tricks with you along the way. There will also be a two week complete detox coming up soon that I will be sharing with you here on the blog.

While browsing through Pinterest this morning while lying in bed I came across this post and I just had to share it with you, my blogging friends.



Today also happens to be “Wellness Day” at work and it could not be more appropriate.

xx Casey

Current Favorite Blogs


In the morning before I get out of bed and after I scroll through Instagram (and if I actually open my eyes after only pressing snooze once) I like to read through my favorite blogs posts. I love starting my day with a little inspiration and a couple laughs. So today I thought I would share with you a little list of my five current favorite blogs.

01 The Skinny Confidential. Lauryn’s blog is the first that I open up each morning. I just love her witty charm, her personal way of writing, and of course her amazing tips and tricks for living your best life.

02 Betches. This is my daily dose of pop culture in the morning. I love their wit as well – seems like there is a trend in the style of writing I love to read! I cannot get enough of their recaps come Bachelor/ette time and they love Bravo almost as much as I do which is pretty great.

03 The Everygirl. This blog is literally… everything. They have amazing posts from recipes to home décor to lifestyle tips. There is so much amazing inspiration in this blog so it is a great way to start off the day.

04 Total Sorority Move. Was I in a Sorority? No. Am I in College Anymore? No. But do I still find their articles hilarious? Absolutely. This is my true guilty pleasure and I am not ashamed.

05 The Balanced Blonde. I love a good wellness blog that also has some character to it and that is exactly what Jordan brings to the table.

There are a ton more that I am loving that I may add in a Part II. If you have any others that you love (or your own!) please share them in the comments and I would love to check them out!

Hope it is as gorgeous where you all are as it is in sunny Rhode Island today! Have an amazing Thursday – we’ve almost made it to the weekend.

xx Casey

A Realistic Weekday Morning Routine

Today I was planning on writing this inspirational weekday morning routine all about the benefits of waking up early, taking time for yourself, and walking out the door refreshed and ready to take on the day. But I can’t because lately this just hasn’t been the case. And that is okay. We do not have to be perfect all the time, and everything you read on the internet is not exactly what it seems. The girl who posted a picture of her lemon water on Instagram could be nursing a bad hangover, or the girl pouring herself a cup of coffee from her Keurig could be running late and not have time to stop at her favorite coffee shop. We just see a small blip of people’s lives on the Internet, so we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. But that is a whole other post…


So for today I am going to share with your my current realistic morning “routine”. This is as real as it gets folks.

5:50AM – First alarm goes off, cat meows hopeful that it is time to get up and have breakfast. Press snooze.

6AM – Second alarm goes off. Snooze again.

6:10AM to 6:30AM – Snooze. Snooze. Scroll through Instagram.

6:35AM – Contemplate how much time it will take me to get ready today. Finally regretfully get out of bed and brush my teeth.

6:40AM – Get out the makeup, plug in the straightener, and turn on the TV. Open up YouTube and put play the newest videos in my subscription box. (Currently loving Tori Sterling and her fitness motivation)

6:45AM – Makeup and hair time.

7:10AM – Fill up my reusable k-cup insert and brew my morning coffee. Feed my cat while it is brewing and get dressed.

7:25AM – Pour the coffee in a To-Go cup, kiss my cat goodbye and head out the door. Put my mellow morning Spotify playlist on in the car and mentally prepare for the day.

So there you have it, my not so glamorous current morning “routine”. It has been a cold and rainy month so far and it is hard to have the motivation to get up and start the day. As the mornings begin to get brighter and the days warmer my goal is to come up with a morning routine that really kick starts my day – and I will be sharing with you my tips to achieve this along the way. But remember, your morning routine is what works for YOU. If this morning “routine” looks similar to yours that is OKAY. You got out of bed, and that is pretty great on its own.

xx Casey

Lemon & Lavender Bubbly Cocktail


First of all how gorgeous is this sketch? I found this beautiful picture on Pinterest and I feel so sad that there was no link to the artist, but if I find it I will definitely share it. 

Happy Friday Friends! We made it through another week. This was a particularly hard week so it is safe to say that I am ready for the weekend to be upon us. I think we all deserve a drink, so today I am sharing with you one of my favorite light and bubbly cocktail recipes. This drink consists of lavender, fresh squeezed lemon juice, limoncello, and champagne. The absolute PERFECT drink for Spring if I do say so myself.

Remove the lavender flowers from the stem and combine with the limoncello and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Muddle the lavender flowers to release the oils. Strain into the champagne glass and top with champagne.

This drink is light and refreshing and perfect after a long week like this. Cheers to another weekend.

xx Casey