Bayberry Beer Hall

This weekend, thanks to some good friends, we stumbled upon the coolest new Beer Hall in the West Side of Providence. However, it definitely doesn’t feel like you are in Providence. Think Brooklyn NY with the cool industrial vibe, communal tables, and antique light fixtures. The place drew me in immediately.

Bayberry is owned by Tom and Natalie Dennen who seem like the nicest couple (with the cutest kid!) – just check out the Bayberry Instagram and follow their journey from building to opening. Their passion for doing everything local from the lighting to the signage is what makes them unique- and inspiring.


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When you enter, take a seat at one of the communal tables and mull over the menus that are placed on each table or go right up to the counter and place your order. The bartenders will serve you your drink and give you a buzzer for your food. When your food is ready you go up to the beautiful open kitchen, grab your plate, and bring it back to your table.

Now let’s get to the good stuff… GUYS. They had a ROSÉ CIDER. Right now you can order it by the .355ML bottle, however the awesome bartenders let me know that soon they will have it on tap. WHAT! We also had a house-made pretzel with mustard butter(yum!) and roasted smashed red bliss potatoes with olive oil and garlic. Everything melded together so perfectly from the food, to the drinks, to the atmosphere, to the service.

This is the place I have been looking for. A gathering place for good conversation with great friends over some killer drinks. I already can not wait to go back and bring everyone I know. Cheers!

xx Casey


A Day at Sunset Orchard

In full fall glory, today I want to share with you the cutest little farm located in North Scituate RI. We went to get some peaches before summer was “officially” over, however I am very excited to get back there for some apple picking.

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Not only are they the most cost friendly orchard that I have been to (4 lbs of peaches for $6!), they also have the friendliest staff and some awesome treats. Can you say apple butter? Yes please! They also have fresh baked pies, candied apples, and fresh pressed cider, among other things. If you are bringing the family, they also have tractor pulled wagon rides as well as a barrel train ride for the kids.

They have tons of FULL trees, which you do not always find at every orchard. Sunset Orchard is definitely my pick for apple picking this year!

xx Casey

Vacation Wrap Up, Orlando FL

Good Morning and Happy Friday friends! What a crazy week it has been! I just got back from a little week long vacation in the very hot and very sunny city of Orlando Florida. I went down for one of my good friend’s weddings and then finished the trip off with a couple days in Disney.

The trip was crazy, stressful at times (oh the stories I could share!), but most of all fun. So today I wanted to share with you just a few of the highlights from my trip.

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IMG_1423 (1)


This weekend there is no down time because I am heading down to Jersey for two BIG things – one of my good friends bridal showers, and the meeting of my cousins adorable twins! It is going to be a weekend full of a lot of love and I can’t wait!

On to the next adventure!

xx Casey

Weekend Recap: NJ Food Guide

I spent this past weekend with my family back home in Jersey to see my little sisters spring musical. It was The Little Mermaid and she was one of the eels. Despite being sick she killed it – awesome job Nina!

Besides going to see the play we had another thing on the agenda: hit up as many of my favorite North Jersey food stops in 24 hours as possible. It is safe to say I officially feel gross and I am ready to get back on track today – after I finish this bagel.


When we arrived we started off having lunch at my all time favorite pizza place – Rose’s Pizza in Garfield. They have THE BEST Sicilian pie you will ever have. Also their Eggplant Parm is incredible and their sandwiches are so fresh and so big. If you are in the area you have to stop in. Order a Sicilian Pie – well done, sixteen slices. And don’t worry the leftovers are just as good.


After the play we had to hit up White Castle. My boyfriend had never been so for his first time in North Jersey I skipped out on White Manna and went for some Murder Burgers. Fries, Onion Rings, Chicken Rings, Sliders, Chicken Breast Sliders, Mozzarella Sticks… OH. MY. GOD. Do I regret it? Maybe. Would I do it again? Probably.

The next morning we had to take a quick trip before breakfast to get a dozen bagels from Fairlawn Bagel to bring back to Jersey. I got a mix of Everything, Sesame, and a couple Cinnamon Raisin. Next time I am taking a page out of my cousins book and getting a dozen Everything Bagels.

After the bagel pit stop we had to hit up a Jersey Diner for Breakfast. We hit up the Cit Chat Diner in Lodi, and had some awesome breakfast food and even more laughs. I absolutely love when all of my cousins are together. After the diner we had to stop in at a Wawa and get some beverages for the road.



The last stop on the way home was at Shake Shack for lunch. Now I have never had In and Out and I know there is a big debate between which one is better, but Shake Shack burgers are so incredibly flavorful. And the cheese fries are on point. Oh, and the shakes. My burger was a little too rare for my liking, but by the time I finished my fries I was so full I could not move.

We finished the journey home half dead in a food coma, and then immediately got into bed. I am very VERY ready for some lemon water and a nice salad for lunch today. How was your weekend?

xx Casey

Best RI Bars for St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends! This is the one day a year that everyone gets to be Irish for a day! Being Irish myself I can attest that we like to have a good time which is why it is no surprise that everyone loves to partake in this day of celebrating. So grab your Guinness, your shot of Jameson, a plate of Corned Beef and Cabbage and have a good time! And I know just the places to do it…

01 Murphy’s Providence which is half pub/half New York style deli. Pick up one of the most amazing Corned Beef Sandwiches right here! You might just see a certain someone here tonight… Website Here

02 McBride’s Pub is another one of my favorites. They have some great bartenders who are always good for a laugh and an all-around awesome vibe Website Here

03 Fat Belly’s – any of their five locations are bound to be a good time! Be careful – some locations are smaller than others. My suggestion? Head to the Warwick location which is a little bigger. Same great food and atmosphere without the “standing room only” feel of the smaller locations Website Here

04 Mc Kinley’s Pub in East Greenwich is sure to be a good time! Head over here late night for some cheap drinks and a lot of excitement. This place will definitely be packed!     Check it Out Here!

05 Doherty’s Ale House is the place to go for Beer lovers. With 100+ beers on tap you are bound to find something that you like Check it Out Here!

06 O’Brien’s Pub is the perfect place to go if you are from the Newport Area. Great food and great vibes all around. Patiently waiting for it to be summer time so I can spend my days on their patio outside Website Here

Of course there are tons of other bars and restaurants that are holding St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but if you pick one of these awesome Irish Pubs you are definitely bound for a good time!

xx Casey

Providence Oyster Bar, Federal Hill


I want to start this post by saying I am kind of upset that I did not take any pictures during my Birthday Dinner at Providence Oyster Bar. But, with that said I think that is a testament to how wonderful the food and the service is here. I was having such a wonderful experience that I completely forgot to take a photo. I did not pick up my phone once, and that ladies and gentleman made for an even better evening. Put down the phones, enjoy your food, and enjoy your company.

Anyway, let’s get on to the good stuff. First of all or waiter was one of the most hospitable and engaging waiters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting at any restaurant I have been to. And it is such a shame I cannot remember his name because he was wonderful. I will definitely be back and I will update this post with his name for sure! He is a big reason that I will keep coming back.

We started our meal with a couple of different types of oysters. The Savage Blonde oysters from Prince Edward Island were my favorite of the ones that we tried. I paired the oysters with a glass of Domaine Chandon Rose, a sparkling Rose which is one of my favorites.

For my entrée I knew I wanted to treat myself with one of my favorite things – lobster. And boy was I eyeing the Lobster Saute. The dish consisted of fresh lobster meat, spinach, oven roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, saffron cream, and linguini pasta. This dish was incredible. Packed with so much flavor and SO MUCH lobster. I was in literal heaven. My boyfriend went with the special which was a Dijon Crusted Filet with truffle mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. That steak was cooked to perfection and I was in love with the creamy mashed potatoes.

To end the evening our incredible waiter surprised me with a scoop of their homemade fudge ripple ice cream with a candle to top it off. It was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

I cannot end this post without telling you about their incredible “Appy Hour”. On Monday’s from 4 – 6:30 and Tuesday through Sunday from 3 – 6:30 you can order from their Appy Hour menu that literally has everything you could ever want including dollar oysters, littlenecks, and cherrystones, as well as two dollar (giant) shrimp.

Providence Oyster Bar is located in the heart of Federal Hill, and is a must when visiting Providence!

xx Casey

The Shop, Fox Point


I don’t know what it is about coffee shops, but they are probably some of my favorite places in the world. The sounds, the smells, the tastes, everything about them is so comforting. So this past Friday I visited one I have been wanting to go to for a while now, and that is The Shop on Wickenden Street in the East Side of Providence.

The place was busy for a late Friday morning, but I found myself a nice window seat in the corner of the shop. I walked up to the counter and was greeted by the incredibly welcoming staff. No stuffy baristas here… these guys were happy to help make suggestions, and made you feel at home. I ordered a Nitro Cold Brew which was served in the cutest mason jar for my beverage. For food I ordered the item I had been eyeing on Instagram for weeks- the avocado sprinkled with lime, red pepper flakes, and sea salt served with two slices of fresh ciabatta bread. The whole thing was served on the cutest wooden boards making for a perfect presentation.



As I enjoyed my meal and worked on my bullet journal and blog content I was surrounded by the sounds of some of my favorite bands, The Head and The Heart & The Lumineers.  I wound up spending over an hour in the little shop enjoying my time, never wanting to leave.

This is one of the cozy shops that I will definitely be returning to often, and I suggest you stop by if you haven’t yet.

xx Casey