I Took a Blogging Spring Break…

Good Morning friends! Long time no chat. Sorry for the little week long hiatus, but I thought I would take a little blogging spring break and recharge. We all need a little break once in a while don’t we?

Can you believe that it’s gonna be May next week? *insert Justin Timberlake meme here. I also realized that I spent the months of March and April completely disregarding all resolution progress I made in the months of January and February. I think it’s time to get back on track. And I don’t mean on May first. I mean today. I packed my gym clothes, meal prepped some yummy stuffed peppers for dinner, and I am ready to go.

So I obviously spent this past weekend completely enjoying myself. Sunday it was beautiful out again (finally) so we went over to Aidens Pub in Bristol Rhode Island. We sat outside, I had an amazing Pineapple Beer from Maui Brewing Company, and ordered a chicken pot pie for my meal which was absolutely perfect. Then I went home and watched some Netflix until it was time for bed. It was a pretty relaxing Sunday after a crazy week. And now I am recharging and ready to take on a new month.


I will see you guys here on Monday May 1st with some more inspiration and another post but until then, have a wonderful week.

xx Casey

Weekend Recap: Easter

Good Morning Friends! I hope you are all having a great day so far on this BEAUTIFUL Monday! Can we talk about how nice it was to wake up this morning with all the windows open and the fresh breeze flowing through my house? Oh yes, it was wonderful.

Can we also talk about how incredibly beautiful it was yesterday as well? The first warm day of the season – and it felt like summertime. My cousin came over mid morning armed with two bottles of Prosecco and we were ready to enjoy the day. We made a quick trip to Shaws and picked up a bunch of snacks and some OJ and then made it back to my place. We made our favorite Spinach Dip in a bread bowl (and my boyfriend could not help but throw out a 40 Year Old Virgin Reference), some pigs in a blanket, cut up some cheese and prosciutto, had some assorted chips and crackers, and I attempted (and failed) to make cinnamon rolls. Who knew that you don’t put the icing on the cinnamon rolls BEFORE you bake them? Just me? Oh.


FullSizeR (7)

After spending the morning eating our snacks, drinking mimosas, and watching my current favorite show The Office (currently binge watching it on Netflix) we decided to head over to Providence Oyster Bar for some dollar oysters. We got a couple beers, a dozen oysters, some shrimp, and cherry stones, & met a lady who brought her bird on a leash to the bar. Only in Providence.

After Oysters we had to use the beautiful day to head out to Swansea for the first Ice Cream cone of the season. We first tried to go to the Ice Cream Barn first but they were closed so we drove over to Eskimo King. Eskimo King never disappoints. With over 200 flavors to choose from I went with a waffle cone with Coffee Cheesecake Soft Serve. YUM.

FullSizeR (8)

After Ice Cream I was ready to curl up in bed with the windows open and the office on. It was a pretty perfect Sunday.

xx Casey

A Quick Hello

It's Friday I'm In Love (2)

Hello friends! I just wanted to pop in here very quickly to say that I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, flowers, family, happiness, and chocolate. Whether you celebrate Easter or not I hope you take some time this weekend to get together with family or friends, have some Watermelon Mimosas, and relax. I will share with you all of our Sunday Brunch recipes and moments on the blog on Monday. Until then – I hope you all have an incredible day.

xx Casey

Creating Balance at Work

balanceToday I am sharing with you a couple quick tips on how to create balance while at work. It is easy to keep a balanced routine when at home, but when I get to work it is easy to get stressed out. So today I am sharing a couple tips to keep your mind, body, and soul activated while at the office.


01 Do mentally challenging tasks before easier ones. The first thing I do in the morning when I get to my desk is clean through my emails, get rid of what is junk and flag what is important, and then write down my to-do list for the day. I always start my day with the most challenging tasks first, whether it be dealing with a guest issue or detailing an upcoming group. Then in the afternoon I have time to do the easier tasks on my list without those bigger ones looming over me.

02 Take a short break midday to meditate. If you get stressed easily or have some anxiety, doing a short meditation in the afternoon can do wonders. I love the Calm App which has quick 5, 10, 20 minute meditations to help clear your mind and get you through the rest of the day.

Body – 

01 Drink a TON of water. Stay hydrated. It is so easy to keep drinking cup after cup of coffee that you forget to drink water.

02 Get up and move. While at work use the stairs not the elevators, park farther away in the parking lot, and spend the last couple minutes of your lunch break going for a quick walk. Taking a couple minutes to get your body moving after sitting at your computer all day gives you that boost you need to finish out the day strong. And it is getting nicer out, so get out there and enjoy it!

Spirit – 

01 Diffuse essential oils at your desk. The first thing I do when I walk into my office is put on my lamps and my wax melter (or whatever it is actually called). Sometimes I am melting lavender and lemon and sometimes I go for something a little sweeter like vanilla. However, I am thinking of investing in a small essential oil diffuser for my desk. Any recommendations?

02 Take the time to learn something new everyday. My number one rule in a job is to never get stagnant. There is always something new to be learned. Take a couple minutes at the end of the day and sit with a colleague and ask them questions. Most of the time they will be happy to talk to you about whatever it is you would like to learn. I like to sit in different meetings and be apart of different committees to keep myself motivated and involved.

A healthy balance of all three of these things will keep you more focused on the tasks at hand.

xx Casey

Current Favorite Podcasts

In my post on creating a stress free environment I spoke about laying off the social media and spending the first hour of your morning listening to music, reading a couple pages of a book, or listening to your favorite podcasts. Podcasts have become one of my new favorite forms of entertainment. I can walk around my house, get some things done, all while listening to a podcast. So today I am here to share with you some of my favorites that I love to listen to on a Sunday morning.


01 The Skinny Confidential His & Her Podcast. Out of all of the podcasts that I listen to this is definitely my favorite. Lauren & Michael of The Skinny Confidential (which is also one of my favorite blogs) talk about so many different topics and hold nothing back. From how to deal with anxiety to boob jobs and birth control, Lauren and Michael are open to talk about anything. They are hilarious and informative all at the same time so definitely give this one a listen.

02 Straight Up With Stassi. From my FAVORITE Vanderpump Rules cast member comes a hilarious podcast full of Bachelor Recaps to interviews with other Pump Rules cast members and all of it is done with her sarcastic charm.


03 Betch Slapped. From the girls who run one of my favorite guilty pleasure blogs  Betches comes another hilarious take on life and anything pop culture.

04 The Balanced Blonde Podcast // Soul On Fire. Moving in another direction, Jordan who is the author behind one of my favorite wellness blogs The Balanced Blonde. She has guests ranging from nutritionists to yogis on her blog that are really inspiring. This is definitely another one of my favorites.

Are you a fan of podcasts? Do you have any favorites that I should add to my list? Let me know if you listen to any of these too!

xx Casey

5 Favorite Quotes to Promote Positivity

Good Morning Friends! I had another post planned for you today, but if I am going to be completely honest with you.. I am just not feeling it. It is a gloomy day, I wish I was in bed with my kitten, and I really want a donut. First world problems amiright. So instead I thought I would bring you guys a little bit of positivity by sharing with you my top 5 favorite quotes for getting out of a funk.







xx Casey

Creating Daily Intentions


It is Monday, the beginning of a brand new week. Instead of starting your day writing yourself a To-Do List of things you would like to accomplish, today I want to talk about the importance of creating Daily Intentions. Daily Intentions allow you to choose which direction you would like your day to go. Why is this important?

Writing down your Daily Intentions helps you determine what is important to you, how you want to be, and what you want to experience. As a result, you begin to live these intentions ultimately creating the life you want. For me, this is a happier more content life. So when I write my Daily Intentions, they are focused more towards those themes. A Daily Intention does not guarantee that your day will go exactly as you planned it. Life happens. But these Intentions work as a road map to what you want to achieve.

Here a couple examples of the Intentions I like to set at the beginning of the week:

May I live in a state of peacefulness.

May I keep a focused mind today.

May I live my day in a state of continuous joy.

May I have lots of creative energy.

These are just four examples of the types of Intentions that speak to the way that I want to live my life and go about my day. These are not a list of rules, they are a list of guidelines. The whole idea is to promote a happier lifestyle.

A new week is ahead of us now, and I have a feeling it is going to be a good one! What are your intentions for the week? I hope they bring you a sense of peace and happiness.

xx Casey