January Coffee Catch Up

Coffee Catch UpCurrently Drinking: Hot Coffee with Italian Sweet Cream

I thought it would be fun if every month I did a little catch up on anything exciting happening, updates, and favorites that I have come across the past couple of weeks. A little coffee date if you will.

As everyone knows January is the month of resolutions, goals, intentions, manifestations.. whatever you want to call it. I did a whole post on my overall 2020 goals, but my focuses for January consisted of: Get up 30 minutes earlier each day, some fort of movement daily, drink 64 ounces of water per day, no phone before or after 8AM/PM, and give my hair a break from hot tools. The biggest struggle was waking up 30 minutes earlier. The most successful was taking a break from hot tools. I did not pick up my straightener or curling iron once all month, and my hair is thanking me for it. This is something I will 100% continue in the month of February.

As for my main goal of overall healthy eating and living, I have been doing very well so far! We have been cooking meals at home much more often (other than the two pizza Friday’s we had because.. pizza.) I have been following the weight watchers program, and have lost a total of 12lbs so far. I am really happy with my progress.

Now let’s chat about some of my favorites this month shall we?

1- Comedians in Cars Having Coffee. This is the most relaxing show to watch before bed or on a Sunday afternoon.

2- Sleepytime Tea. This is nothing new, but I have been ending my day with a cup and I instantly feel relaxed.

3- Burts Bees Hand Salve. Like many people in the winter I get the driest skin on my hands. I put this on at night before bed, and it has really helped.

4- Billie Eilish. I have been listening to all of her music on repeat this month, and I am officially a big fan. So happy for her and her brother on all her awards this season.

5- Air Fryer. What did I do without this appliance in my life? I have used it every day since I got it and it has been instrumental in my healthy eating journey.

And there you have it, that is what’s been brewing this month.

Man, I love a good pun. 

xx Casey


2020 Goals & Word of The Year

Happy 2020 everyone! This new year feels a little different. Maybe it is because we have officially entered a new decade, or maybe it is because I am entering my 29th year, but this year I have a little extra motivation to set some really meaningful and realistic goals… and stick with them.

As most of you know I love any excuse to plan or make lists, so when New Year’s comes around and it is time to make goals for the new year I thrive. However, I know when I can admit to myself that when it comes to executing these personal goals I begin to fall off around the week two mark. Which is why I love the idea of us sharing our personal goals with each other to help hold each other accountable and succeed.

So I thought I would share with you my top goals for 2020. Now I am not going to get into huge detail about each goal, but here are my overall focuses for the new year:

  1. Committing to a Healthy Lifestyle
  2. Focus on Mental Health
  3. Make a Conscious Effort to only use Organic and Cruelty Free Products (and be more educated about what is going in and on your body)
  4. Set Financial Goals and stick to them
  5. Start a Hobby

I also thought it would be fun to choose a word for 2020. One that when you think about it brings you back to what is important to you and your goals that you set for the year. This year my word is: Mindful.

It is so easy to get lost in the day to day motions that sometimes it is hard to enjoy the quiet moments of life. so this year I want to focus on mindfulness and awareness in all aspects of life. From mindful eating to mindful meditation, in 2020 I want to focus on doing things with intention.

It is day 12 into the new year and I have already made a conscious effort to work on these goals, one at a time. I will share with you my progress, as well as some tips and tricks that I learn along the way.

Here’s to a healthy and happy new year!

xx Casey

Trader Joe’s Must Have’s

Trader Joes Heading

I decided that I am going to do a little series based on my favorite place to grocery shop – Trader Joe’s. They are the king of coming out with incredible seasonal items (especially for Christmas!) so I thought that each season I would share with you some of my favorite new items that they come up with. But before I do that I think I need to share with you some of my favorite Trader Joe’s staples. You know, the items I drive out of my way for each week. So let’s get to it!

Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. I mean can you really start a Best of Trader Joe’s list without mentioning the king of all seasonings first? I put this stuff on everything from eggs to chicken to salads. It really adds the perfect kick of flavor. But that is not the only seasoning you should pick up at Trader Joe’s. The thing I love most about them is that all of their herbs and spices are very affordable, so I always stock up when I go.

Green Goddess Dressing. Do you want to take a salad from boring to fresh and flavorful in a matter of seconds? Put this dressing on your salad. Made up of Avocado, Green Onion, Cold Pressed Lemon Juice, Chives, Basil, and Garlic, this simple dressing is perfect on a summer pasta salad.

Cauliflower Mash. So I know that the cauliflower trend has been going on forever. Trader Joe’s has a great cauliflower rice stir fry kit in their frozen section that is perfect in a pinch. However, if you have not tried the mashed cauliflower you are missing out. It is creamy and buttery and honestly, I do not miss the potato at all.

Balsamic Grilled Chicken. Wow. If you are looking for a low maintenance dinner when you do not have to cook, but do not want to order take out either this is the thing for you. I honestly do not know how they do it. But this perfectly grilled chicken is fully cooked and in the pre made section. I buy this every week and cut it up to put on salads, make a grilled chicken wrap, or eat it as is with a side of cauliflower mash.

Cheddar Rockets. As far as snacks go, my boyfriend and I LOVE these. So much cheesier than a goldfish or cheez its, these are the perfect snack for an afternoon pick me. up.

Hold the Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones. I love these for a quick little treat after dinner without all the guilt. They are 7- calories each and the perfect treat when you want something sweet. They have a few different flavors but the Vanilla is my main go-to (until the Fall and Christmas flavors come out!)

I am sure there are a few that I am missing so maybe I will have to do a part two to this. Stay tuned because I will be sharing with you my favorite seasonal summer items soon!


xx Casey

Summer Intentions


Since the first day of summer is officially here, I wanted to take the time to set some intentions for the season. The turn of a new season is the perfect time to sit back and re-evaluate the important things in life and re-focus your energy.

Slow Down & Soak It Up. Summer comes and goes way too quickly each year. By the time mid June rolls around, there are two and a half short months left until the coolness of fall rolls in. And as much as I love the fall, I need to remember not to rush it. Enjoy the nights where you can eat dinner outside on the patio, spend days soaking up the sun, and  enjoy moving at a much slower pace than usual.

To Be More Aware of My Body. This is not where I am going to begin talking about “summer bodies” because quite frankly there is no such thing. This season there is so much fresh produce – so take advantage of it! Eat cooler lighter meals while the temps are rising, and feel good about what you are putting into your body. Eating seasonally is the healthiest way to live and will make you feel lighter and more energized throughout the summer and beyond.

Say No, Without Guilt. Just because it is summer does not mean you have to say yes to every happy hour, buck a shuck, brunch, beach day, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking this time to slow down. The urge to go-go-go and soak up every moment of the summer is strong, but do yourself a favor and take some time for yourself.

xx Casey

Incorporating New Daily Habits

Incorporating New Healthy Habits

Good Morning! The first day of summer might be 20 days away, but once Memorial Day weekend comes and goes we all begin to transition into summer mode. That means it is time to dust off the winter slump and start to incorporate some feel good habits into the daily routine.

1 Dry Brushing. Dry brushing is the process of brushing your skin with a natural brush to stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation, exfoliate your skin, and help get rid of cellulite. It is also an essential first step before self tanning (which is a must for me in the summer – I use Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Mousse in the lightest shade and it is so natural). Dry brushing makes you feel good, and literally brushes off the day.

2 Physical Activity. This can be anything from taking a walk during your lunch break, going to the gym in the morning or at night, doing a nighttime yoga session in your living room, or going for a run on a nice day.  I recently downloaded the App “Couch to 5K” and am excited to try something new – running. I am not a runner. I have always hated running. But I have been reading more and more about how not only is running good for your physical health but your mental health as well. With the app, you run three days a week for 8 weeks with a guided trainer until you are ready to run a full 5K which is about 3 miles. They make it super easy – even for a non runner like me.

3 Skin Care. Taking care of your skin is SO important. And I don’t mean just taking off your makeup at night and calling it a day. Cleansing and moisturizing is something that I may have skimped on in the past. But now that the weather is changing and we are spending more time in the sun, it’s essential. Recently I have re-subscribed to Birchbox and I have gotten two boxes so far. Birchbox is a great way to try new products without buying a full size version. My favorite sample so far has been the Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil.

4 Lemon Water. Okay, I know everyone talks about this but I can not stress enough the benefits of starting your day with some warm lemon water. Lemon water detoxifies and and helps maintain the ph balance in your body. It also aids in digestion, helps your skin (all about this skincare this month!), assists with hydration, and helps promote weight loss.

That’s all I have today – share with me some of your essential daily habits. I LOVE to hear your feedback.

xx Casey

2019 Summer Reading List

ricky's 16th beach birthday
Good Evening Friends! With Memorial Day this weekend the summer is fast approaching, and I am dreaming of days laying by the pool or sitting on my balcony listening to a good book (via my audible app of course!). So today I am sharing with you my summer reading list. Or at least what I have so far because it is ever changing…

Book 1: The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body – Cameron Diaz

In this book Cameron Diaz shares her formula for becoming happier, healthier, and stronger in this positive, essential guide grounded in science and inspired by personal experience. I love that this isn’t just a “drink water, get enough sleep, exercise” advice kind of book. Cameron backs up her guide to healthy living with Science, which sets this book apart from a lot of the other books on this topic. And I love the narrator Sandy Rustin. A narrator can make or break a book, and Sandy’s approach feels like you are talking to a friend.

Book 2: Cottage by the Sea – Debbie Macomber

Debbie is known as the writer behind the books that some of our favorite Hallmark Movies are based on. So I am excited for an easy feel good fiction book to be added to my list.

Book 3: Pretty Fun – Kate Hudson

In Pretty Happy Kate Hudson shares her tips and advice for living a healthy, strong, and mindful life. The book also has a strong focus on the philosophy behind gatherings, and how to be in the moment and make them uniquely yours.

Book 4: A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin

Now that the TV series is over (and there are mixed reviews on how it ended) I am going to give the books a listen. The first book is 33 hours and 46 minutes long so you can definitely say you are getting your money’s worth out of your one credit. Also there is something so relaxing about a British Narrator.. even if the book is about war.

So there you have it, four very different books lined up for this summer. Any good recommendations to add? Please share!

xx Casey