Mothers Day Gift Guide

Happy Thursday Friends! Mothers Day is coming up this weekend so I wanted to share with you a quick gift guide on what to get your mother, grandmother, god mother, aunt, or any motherly figure in your life. I decided to use one of my favorite stores and go-to place for gift ideas Anthropologie. Everything in there is gorgeous and although some things are more on the expensive side, they also have some budget friendly options as well that are just as beautiful. So let’s get into the gift guide shall we!


01 Mistral Classic Hand Cream $12. How pretty are these little tubes of hand cream? With the floral design and the gold cap these are perfect to throw in your bag for when you need it. They have four beautiful scents including Lychee Rose, South Seas (my personal favorite!), Lavender, and Verbena.

02 Eco Garden Essence Sheet Mask Set $15. Give her the gift of pampering herself with these moisturizing face masks. They have three different types of masks including Mulberry, Chrysanthemum, and Green Tea.

03 Marble & Acacia Cheese Board $65. My mother LOVES pineapples so this gorgeous cheese board would be the perfect addition to her kitchen. And who doesn’t love wood and white marble?

04 The Love And Lemons Cookbook $35. From one of my favorite food blogs Love & Lemons comes this beautiful cookbook organized alphabetically by each ingredient this book will not only be beautiful displayed in the kitchen but provide some awesome recipe inspo as well.

05 Aveyron Pot $14 – $16. These planting pots are gorgeous and are perfect for displaying flowers or planting herbs.

These are some beautiful, useful, and thoughtful Mothers Day gifts that anyone would love. I can not believe that those beautiful planters are only $14! Now excuse me while I try to stop myself from buying all of these items for myself..

xx Casey

Benefits of Eucalyptus


I’ve talked about some of my favorite essential oils on the blog in the past, but today I am going to talk about the benefits of one of my FAVORITES, eucalyptus. There are so many benefits of eucalyptus plants, and they can be used in a ton of different ways. A little tip if you are from Rhode Island – head over to Raffa Yoga in Cranston and look up their Urban Sweat Rooms. Their eucalyptus steam room is life changing. The steam helps relax muscles, remove tension and pain, and rejuvenates the body. It also assists with anti-aging, flushing out dirt and toxins, all while hydrating your skin. Can it get any better?

Let’s talk about more benefits. Most important to me is that eucalyptus oils can be used as a sleep aid, and the aromas help bring you into a deep relaxation of the body and mind. This is incredibly helpful for anyone who has anxiety, stress, or trouble sleeping. Eucalyptus is also known for its medicinal properties including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant uses.

Eucalyptus oil is also a key part in my meditation practices. On top of the relaxation effects, it also opens the nasal pathways which opens airways for deeper breathing.

Lastly, can we talk about how gorgeous it is? Eucalyptus plants are becoming increasingly popular in wedding bouquets and décor. This plant really can do it all.

What is your favorite plant/essential oil? I will definitely be talking about more in the future so stay tuned. In the meantime, I am going to light my oil diffuser in my office and have a productive Monday.

xx Casey

Friday I’m In Love…


Another month down so you know what that means – another favorites post.

01 Below Deck: Mediterranean. I have always loved Below Deck on Bravo but now they are on their second season of Below Deck Med and I am hooked. I just finished binge watching the first season and now am on to season two which is airing now. Watching this show almost makes me wish that I was a Yachtie. Almost.

02 KOZE. One of my favorite youtubers to watch in the morning while I am getting ready for work is Kalyn Nicholson. If you do not know who she is go check her out. Her style and personality are both incredible and she just seems like a genuinely nice girl. So this week in addition to her youtube channel she launched her new blog and the vibe is just as cool as her other social media outlets.

03 Maui Brewing Co. This may be one of my new favorite brewers. The pinapple mana is a wheat beer and perfect for drinking on the beach. Their coconut hiwa porter is also really good as well as their bikini blonde lager. This will definitely be my beer of choice this summer.

04 Cold Brew Coffee. For the past two weeks we have been making some cold brew coffee in the office with New Harvest coffee beans, located in Pawtucket RI. It’s been life changing and just the thing I need at 3PM on a Friday.

05 Ed Sheeran: Divide. I am LOVING Ed Sheeran’s new album, especially his new single Galway Girl. I can’t get enough and it has been on repeat in my car all month long.

Hope you all have plans to get the biggest burrito and bowl of chips possible tonight with a side of Coronas. Or maybe that’s just me. Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!

xx Casey


Mini Obsession: Knorr Pasta Sides

Knorr Pasta Sides

Good Morning friends and Happy Thursday! It is great to see you back here on my little blog. Still adjusting to the new posting schedule (I was so tempted to post something on Tuesday!) but we are working on it. Today I want to talk about something that I have recently found and am currently LOVING. I am talking about Knorr Pasta Sides. I know these things have been around forever, and you are probably thinking Casey… what is so great about these things? Well let me tell you.

This week I have tried three different kinds and I am hooked. First of all they make dinner SO EASY. Seven minutes and these bad boys are done. Second, they help you create a full on meal without much effort. Third, they are 99 cents. Let that one sink in. Lastly, to my surprise they actually taste really damn good. So let’s talk about the one’s I have tried so far.

Side note: took pictures of my meals to send to my mom because I was so excited, but they look like a five year old took them so I am not posting them on here. If you are interested and would like me to take some updated pictures of the finished products I definitely can!

On Monday I made a chicken and green bean stir fry along with the Knorr Teriyaki Noodles. I am going to be really honest these tasted so good. They didn’t taste like that fake teriyaki sauce that some cheap Asian noodle sides taste like. This one was a real winner.

On Tuesday I made baked chicken tenders with a side of the Knorr Cheddar Broccoli Rice. Seriously another winner. There were actual chunks of broccoli in there, not just those green little specs that some rice packets pretend is broccoli. I am talking real florets. Also, the chicken tenders that I made were so good that I may just have to share that recipe with you in a future post! Also it totally helped that I had leftover Wendy’s Sweet & Sour Sauce and Chick fil A Sauce in my fridge.

On Wednesday I made Knorr Fettuccini Alfredo with Sautéed Chicken and Cauliflower. Three for three this one was amazing as well! As good as the Alfredo Sauce you can get in a jar and more than half the price. This one was definitely the most impressive so far and all you need to do is add a half a cup of milk.

Tonight I am thinking I am going to give the Chicken flavored noodles a try. Fingers crossed this one is as good as the last three! I am also really excited to try the Cheddar Chipotle Noodles, the Teriyaki Rice, and the Stroganoff.

Now I know these are not the best things for you. Trust me, I read the calories on the back of each one of these. But when your rent and utilities come out the same week and you are on a serious budget these really do come in handy, and it is nice to know you can have a tasty meal for a low price.

Have you tried any of these Knorr Pasta Sides? Let me know which one is your favorite!

xx Casey

What Lifestyle Blogging Means to Me


Happy Monday and Happy May 1st Everyone! We are finally transitioning into the heart of Spring, and Summer is so close I can feel it. As you know I took a little two week break from blogging because I was honestly feeling a little uninspired. I was unfocused because of how busy I have been at work and I just could not put out the type of content that I would be proud to share with you.

The biggest thing that I want to stay away from is posting for the sake of posting. I never want to create a post about something I really don’t care about because I need to get something up that day. It is a waste of my time and you are not getting authentic information. And that’s just not how I roll. The whole reason that I blog is so that I have an outlet for all of the creative thoughts in my brain. I love writing and I love sharing with you the things that I feel passionate about. And that is what having a Lifestyle Blog means to me.

To be a successful blogger you need to love what you write about. I also want to point out that everyone has a different definition of success. I will talk about this more in depth in another post, but to break it down really quickly I define success by the amount of happiness something brings you. And when something brings you happiness that radiates through your work. To me, being a Lifestyle Blogger means that I am passionate about all the things (in my opinion) that create a happy life. It is a broad topic because there is so much that I want to share.

On that note I wanted to update you on a couple changes that will be coming to the blog. Because I want to give you quality content each and every time I post, I am going to be changing my posting schedule from four times a week to three times a week. That means you will be getting exciting new content every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I have about three months’ worth of ideas in my head right now and I am really excited to share it with you.

I have a new found excitement for the direction my blog will be going, so I thank you for sticking around during this little break. I have more Motivational posts, Recipes, Travel Guides, and Lifestyle tips coming your way. I will see you back here on Thursday, but until then – have a wonderful week!

xx Casey

I Took a Blogging Spring Break…

Good Morning friends! Long time no chat. Sorry for the little week long hiatus, but I thought I would take a little blogging spring break and recharge. We all need a little break once in a while don’t we?

Can you believe that it’s gonna be May next week? *insert Justin Timberlake meme here. I also realized that I spent the months of March and April completely disregarding all resolution progress I made in the months of January and February. I think it’s time to get back on track. And I don’t mean on May first. I mean today. I packed my gym clothes, meal prepped some yummy stuffed peppers for dinner, and I am ready to go.

So I obviously spent this past weekend completely enjoying myself. Sunday it was beautiful out again (finally) so we went over to Aidens Pub in Bristol Rhode Island. We sat outside, I had an amazing Pineapple Beer from Maui Brewing Company, and ordered a chicken pot pie for my meal which was absolutely perfect. Then I went home and watched some Netflix until it was time for bed. It was a pretty relaxing Sunday after a crazy week. And now I am recharging and ready to take on a new month.


I will see you guys here on Monday May 1st with some more inspiration and another post but until then, have a wonderful week.

xx Casey

Weekend Recap: Easter

Good Morning Friends! I hope you are all having a great day so far on this BEAUTIFUL Monday! Can we talk about how nice it was to wake up this morning with all the windows open and the fresh breeze flowing through my house? Oh yes, it was wonderful.

Can we also talk about how incredibly beautiful it was yesterday as well? The first warm day of the season – and it felt like summertime. My cousin came over mid morning armed with two bottles of Prosecco and we were ready to enjoy the day. We made a quick trip to Shaws and picked up a bunch of snacks and some OJ and then made it back to my place. We made our favorite Spinach Dip in a bread bowl (and my boyfriend could not help but throw out a 40 Year Old Virgin Reference), some pigs in a blanket, cut up some cheese and prosciutto, had some assorted chips and crackers, and I attempted (and failed) to make cinnamon rolls. Who knew that you don’t put the icing on the cinnamon rolls BEFORE you bake them? Just me? Oh.


FullSizeR (7)

After spending the morning eating our snacks, drinking mimosas, and watching my current favorite show The Office (currently binge watching it on Netflix) we decided to head over to Providence Oyster Bar for some dollar oysters. We got a couple beers, a dozen oysters, some shrimp, and cherry stones, & met a lady who brought her bird on a leash to the bar. Only in Providence.

After Oysters we had to use the beautiful day to head out to Swansea for the first Ice Cream cone of the season. We first tried to go to the Ice Cream Barn first but they were closed so we drove over to Eskimo King. Eskimo King never disappoints. With over 200 flavors to choose from I went with a waffle cone with Coffee Cheesecake Soft Serve. YUM.

FullSizeR (8)

After Ice Cream I was ready to curl up in bed with the windows open and the office on. It was a pretty perfect Sunday.

xx Casey